Saturday, May 26, 2012

U8 girls practice week of May 29

Stations again this week, we'll run as we did two weeks ago.  Renee could you blow whistle to switch stations ever 8-10 minutes.

Set up width wise (not length wise as you do for games)....girls front two fields, boys back two fields or it becomes too difficult to hear switches and move efficiently

Warm-up - dribble grid & passing grid with all players.   (Cassie or Riley to run)  (10 minutes)
                - dribbling, inside, outside, storks, tic tocs, turns, fakes,
                - passing- as last week, pass run around cone on outside of grid, receive pass (review passing  points and remind to talk and use the whole grid)

Then have all players return to their coaches to start stations.

Station 1-  agility - Natalie
Donkey Tails
Half the players are given a pinni to tuck into the back of their shorts as a tail. Coach shouts “Go!” players without a tail attempt to grab a tail from the players with one. Once players get a tail they must now avoid having it taken.

Station 2- passing review - Hrvojka
Shuttles....groups of 3/4.  cones about 10 ft apart....2 players on each cone across from each other start with just dribbling across to player in front of line across from them in a continuous shuttle motion, move to dribble part way and pass.  Review passing points!

Station 3- shooting review- Renee
Lay off drill from last week.  Could add a defender, dummy to start.
Review shooting coaching points.

Simple activity of two lines, each kid with a ball facing coach/team mate.  Pass to coach or team mate who lays off the ball to side for a shot
(first drill on page) - worry less about if they are shooting in or out of penalty area

Station 4- 1 v 1 attacking - Riley & Cassie

Scrimmage to end.  Have fun!!  Try a scrimmage with allies on the side to promote width in play.
Set up a small field and then use cones to create allies along the wings.  Put one player from each team in the allies or if low numbers, put one player in the wings they must stay in the ally and they play for both teams.  You can't check/attack/tackle the wings in the a safe zone.  Play that in order to shoot on net the team must play a ball out to the wings at least once.  Wings can dribble in the ally.

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