Friday, May 18, 2012

U6 practice - May 24

I will be at your practices this week.  I will be coming around and working with you and your team (I will not get around to everyone).  I will work with you and your players wherever you are at.  Trying to focus on giving individual players help/feedback etc...  Also use me to demo drills if you need.
As always here is a progression of age appropriate drills.  Use them if you like or your own variations or drills that promote the focus.  Don't feel you have to get through all or use all, choose which you like.  Have fun!

Focus/skill: shooting

warm up/agility:  Coach says (Simon says)
Active warm up in a 15x15 grid...start with no balls.
hopping, jumping, running, skipping, frog jumps etc.... progress to using a ball and using toe taps, dribbling, jumping over ball etc...

dribbling & passing

passing for accuracy:  soccer bowling

skill - shoot and score
(active start plan 5)
Separate team into 2 (or more if possible) as shown. Set up a triangle. The coach stands in the centre of the triangle.  Two lines of players facing coach (who has back to net). Players pass ball to coach and lay it off to player.  Player strikes the ball into the empty goal.
-Coach now plays ball in front. Player takes a touch past the coach with the outside of foot passed the coach and strikes the ball into the empty net.
-Player dribbles towards the coach and takes the touch past the coach and plays into the empty net.

Shooting coaching points (there are a lot, so here are a few)

-planting foot next to ball pointing at target
-strike ball with inside laces (NOT TOE)
-point striking foot down and lock the ankle
-head down, shoulders, hips, knees over ball
-follow through

skill - 3 Goals shooting game
(active start plan 5)
Four teams of three players working in a 25m. x 15m. area. Three teams line up in rows at one end of the playing area ready to attack the goal. The other team has one player in goal and two as target players, standing between two cones, as shown. The first team runs with the ball to the
midpoint line. The first player to cross the midway line shoots at the goal. The second player to cross the line can pass to whichever target player he/she wishes. The third player across the line passes to the remaining target player. All three attacking players then change places with the Goalkeeper and target players they shot at, or passed to. The goalkeeper/target players collect the balls and go to the back of the attacking teams and await their turn.

skill- numbers game-one net...focus shooting
(Active start plan 3)
Set up a small grid with goal at one end.  Separate players into 2 teams lined up on each side of goal.  Place two cones just a bit further than shooting distance even with corners of goal, and place yourself between with a stash of balls.  Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player on each team must race around the cones into the field where a ball is played. Players are trying to both defend and score on the same net. Encourage celebrations after a goal! Progress to 2 or 3 players. Add a goalkeeper

Scrimmage- try a four goal scrimmage to promote shooting and attacking.  Create a grid and place a goal on each side line.

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