Saturday, May 26, 2012

U13 girls practice - week of May 29

This weeks focus skill is shooting.  I also want to spend a little time on goal keeping.  I am going to work with Amanda/Erica and Gerald's groups for goal keeping and shooting this week.  Next week I will work with  Kevin & Randy's groups for goal keeping and 1 v 1.  As I don't think I will get to everyone....but I will try.  (Randy, if you want to move to 1 v 1 as you covered shooting this week, please do check the U10 boys if you want some drill ideas).  I plan to cover the basics of goal keeping including diving....I plan to work with all the girls in your groups as sometimes they don't know that they like goal, and this way everyone has a basic set of skills.  Plan to keep the goalie sessions to 15ish minutes and then you can work the goalies into the shooting drills is my thinking.  Coaches if you could get girls warmed up and then I'll get things going pretty quickly.  The first three links below review the mechanics of shooting if you need a refresher.

Warm up:  Quick Dribble grid 3-5 minutes then in that same grid move to passing...split groups into two teams each team with a ball.  Number the players on each team and then have them moving around the grid passing in number order, ie 1 to 2 passes to 3 to 4 to 1 to 2 etc...then have them go backwards 4 to 3 to 2 etc... working on cutting to the ball and calling with purpose (support, through etc...) also work on opening up to the field of play as you receive the pass so you know where your next pass is.  If they are really on top of it, play with only one ball and move so one team is defending...always working in number order if your team has the ball.  So everytime there is a turnover they must start the number order from whoever wins or has the ball if it is 3 they are looking for 4 etc...  (this is an excellent drill for many aspects of the game, you will likely find a number of teachable moments just from how play evolves.
Last part of warm up, in pairs, about 2 metres apart each with a ball.  One player is the server, the other player is the person, striking ball.  Aim to strike ball served/lobbed to partner back to partners hands.   (Optional agility component:  Player striking the ball jumps sideways over their ball before receiving next serve)....Person striking the ball, works 5 on each foot side of foot (then switch roles) then 5 on each foot working the touch back to partners hands (ball always in the air)...starting to prepare for shooting...hitting on the laces.

Agility:  Try just cones for agility this week...keep the session short but snappy.  You might try a line of cones (about 2feet apart) per pair of players (or per two pairs).  One player on each side of the cones one who is the leader and the other who is following trying to mimic follow exactly what the leader is doing for 30 seconds and then switch the leader and the follower.  Start side shuffle so they are facing each other and the leader is shuffling side to side as fast as possible moving to whichever cone but it needs to be a different cone each time.  Then go backwards and forwards.  Have them switch partners.  Remind them to have quick feet and not cross their feet when shuffling sideways.  Quick dynamic stretching focussing on quads, hamstrings and groins.

Skill focus shooting mechanics
Coaching points:
-planting foot pointing at the target
-planting foot next to ball if too far back, ball will go up because you will be forced to lean
-striking ball with inside laces, toe pointed down ankle locked
-knee over ball (of striking foot)
-shoulder over the ball (head down as striking)
-quick snap and follow through
-always strike a moving  ball

skill focus:  shooting
simple activity of two lines, each kid with a ball facing coach/team mate.  Pass to coach or team mate who lays off the ball to side for a shot
(first drill on page) - worry less about if they are shooting in or out of penalty area

can adapt this drill slightly and add a defender, where the coach/player who was initially receiving for layoff, now this player is the attacker (back to net), defender behind them, attacker receives pass and needs to turn and play a shot on goal (have defender play dummy to start and play tight...then move to live defender)

skill focus: shooting (good warm up for pre games too)
4 corner shooting drill

skill focus:  shooting under pressure
2v2 game

Scrimmage:  try a 4 goal scrimmage to promote attacking and shooting the ball for something different

Set up a 20m x 20m grid with 4 goals in the middle of each side. Select two teams consisting of equal numbers. Call out 2 or 3 players from each team to run onto the field and play against each other and try and score in any one of the four goals until the coach says stop. At which time both groups return to their place behind the goal line and the coach calls another group to play. If the ball goes out of play the game can be restarted with a “kick-in” or the coach may serve in a new ball. Progressions could involve assigning 2 nets to each team to defend and 2 to attack.

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