Sunday, May 13, 2012

U13 boys and girls AND U10 boys practice - week of May 15

On Tuesday May 15 (U10 boys) & Thursday May 17 (U13 Boys and Girls) I will be at your practices.

Focus skill:  receiving the pass.  Ball control

I am planning on splitting the group in half and working with half the group and their coaches.  The other half of the group will work in part together as some of the drills are better with a few more bodies.  So probably the first portion of drills (with stars) should be done with a second team.  Remember we are working on creating a coaching community where all can gain from each other.  Then we will move to coaches working with just their team including the inter-squad scrimmage.  I need to stress that you should be keeping your scrimmages small as it increases the number of touches on the ball each player has and allows players to work on their skills.  

When I am working with your group, I still want you to coach and jump in whenever/wherever you see fit/have something to add!  Ensure you do at least one of the lower drills where they are passing & receiving under pressure.

Here are the coach pairings:
U10 boys:  Corbet & Alan/Rory/Sandy
                   Adrian/Jose & Matthew (I will be working with your groups)

U13 boys:  Chris & Lucie/Aidan/Quinton
                   Al & Susan/Alex (I will be working with your groups)

U13 girls:  Randy & Amanda/Erica
                   Gerald & Kevin (I will be working with your groups)

**Warm up - Dribble grid - passing grid.  Start with simple dribble grid, but have players partner up.  Play follow the leader, first partner is leader and runs around, cutting in grid while second partner (ball carrier) follows them moving the ball in the pattern of the first.  When the partner with the ball yells stop, the front player stops, ball carrier passes a small pass past them, leader runs onto ball and they switch roles.  Add through the legs, ball and ball carrier, leap frog etc....   Progress to passing in partners and then threes(?), pass and move in the grid, working on nice passes and opening up as you are receiving the ball, good first touch...lots of talk.

**Agility & Dynamic stretching- short ladders, hurdles, cones session (first coaching pair goes first, the second coaching pair will go after first skill drill, or when free.

**Receiving the pass.  Circle drill Working two teams together.  Half players on outside with balls, half on inside of circle no balls.  Players on inside make cuts to ball, receive a pass, control the pass and in two touches pass back to outside player, then cut and call for a new ball.  Switch inside to outside and do same.  Switch again, try one touch passing.  Switch once more, working on higher balls, thigh height (have players toss ball) work on control (getting foot up to control ball not off leg) and then bring it down and pass back to outside

First touch and Pass Drill
Watch video!!
This may be more challenging for some, get them to just start slow and get faster as they can.  I would make two lines of cones, line up on opposite ends of two lines so they are working both feet and less standing.  Working on good first touch

Receiving the pass, box drill  (this is a super basic shuttle drill only use if need to stay basic).  Four cones (square) and one cone in the middle, two or three people at each corner.  Ball at two corners, dribble to line opposite you leaving ball with person at front of line.  Working a continuous shuttle motion (quick review of dribbling).  Add a ball at each corner for increased difficulty, forcing them look up as they go through the ctr of grid.   Move quickly to passing half way, just past ctr. cone, once they have cleared the busy middle.  Progress to passer playing a super passive defence so first touch is around the defender.  Then to increase difficulty and thinking, dribble to middle, pass square one way and cut opposite direction.

Triangle drill from last week, pass to one partner, run between two partners to receive next pass, work on opening up for pass and receive with one foot, pass with the other.
staying with the square working on a support type pass:  see part two of diagram:

Receiving the ball under pressure:
Create a 15x15 grid, one person at each corner with ball, or have two with balls and two without so there are passing options.  Two people in ctr of grid one is the attacker and one the defender.  Attacker has to cut to ball, receive and return the ball or use a passing option

Passing & receiving under pressure - circle drill, two defenders, play keep away working on good first touch and possession.  This could lead to scrimmage.

Scrimmage - small sided games, small field work on shorter passing game, compass of support.

coaching points receiving:
-be in ready/athletic position, balls of feet
-make first touch playable, not too far ahead
-receive with side of the foot, firm ankle

plus revisit passing coaching points from last week (see last weeks post)

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