Sunday, May 13, 2012

U8 boys practice - May 15

Theme/Focus:  control/receiving the ball

Stations again this week as I think with this group it works well as there is little down time for them to get off task.  (I will have you run your own practice next week again as I know some of you like this format too).  5 minutes at start to gather team (explain what we're doing) have them work on keep me ups (juggling) until all teams are ready.  Kim can you or Guy keep time again please?  Switch every 8/9 minutes.  I will be at your practice and I will just move around working with different coaches at their station (coaching with you).  Take either the front two fields or the back two fields - so width (not length like last week).
We are really working on fundamental skills, as without fundamentals it is difficult to move on to more complex tactical skills.

Warm up:  Dribble Grid  (Mike & Tracey)
-we'll switch it up and have players partner up and play a kind of follow the leader.  First person runs around the grid without the ball changing speed, direction etc...partner follows with the ball trying to mimic their partner.  When ball carrier says stop, front person stops, ball gets passed forward on one side of partner, player goes on other, collects ball and they change rolls.  Move to through the legs with ball on stop, then ball and player through the legs, leap frog etc... (I demoed this at the little coaching clinic)

Agility: Jeff
You will have access to hurdles and cones.  Please get hurdles out of storage (old bathrooms door is open on non river side usually...if not find me/Kim for key)

Passing and Receiving cone drill (Brock)
Watch video!!
This might be super challenging for some, get them to just do it super slow to start and get faster as they can.  I would make two lines of cones, line up on opposite ends so they are working both feet.  Working on good first touch

Passing, Receive and move with Gates or Arches  (Kim & Guy)
Please get arches from storage they are along the wall on the ground if you want to use them.

Receiving the ball and passing (Loris)
Half players with bibs (start as servers), other half of players are receiving the ball.  Start with two touch passing, then one touch, then small tosses to control a higher ball.  Demo receiving on two touch (one touch to control, one to pass), demo a higher tossed ball, get their foot up to receive the pass touch one and then pass back, touch two.    Receive and pass and then cut to a new server, working around to all servers.

Numbers Game/Scrimmage (Stace & Marissa)

Set up grid/field with two goals. Separate players into 2 teams. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc on each team. Call out a number. The player called from each team enters into the field to challenge for the ball. The coach sends the ball in and players try to score on opposing side while defending their own side. Have all players start in the goal and act as goalies. Coach can call out more than one number to make 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 situations and promote passing.

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