Saturday, May 5, 2012

U10 & U13 Boys

Theme:  Passing
You will be running your own practices this week.  It's okay if you don't get through all of this, it's just a progression, or different ideas to use...starting basic and then getting more complex.

Warm up: Dribble grid
-15x15 grid
- review of dribbling from last week.  (See coaching points from last weeks post)
-turns, tick tocks, storks, inside, outside of foot, left and right foot, fakes etc...

Agility & Dynamic stretching  Corbet & Colleen/Chris will run this for the whole group
Set up cones and you will have access to the agility ladders (grab them from equipment storage down at grand stand bathrooms, see me for key).  Or I will try and give them to one of the coaches in passing.
***Corbet, grab agility ladders from Brock Freathy who will be using them at track field prior to your practice**

Passing and Receiving in pairs  Watch video!! But we will start with 2 touch.

Set up a series gates within a grid (you'll use the grid for next drill too). Two players with a ball gate between them. On two touches they pass the ball to each other using the gate for target.   Move to one touch if they are doing well but get them to move closer.  Really work on form and good first touch.  
Focus on good form, receive with one foot....good first touch...pass with other foot
-athletic stance (on toes/balls of feet/ready position)
-planting foot next to ball pointing at partner
-strike ball with side of foot, firm ankle  (no floppy ankles)
-person receiving ball, moves to the ball

Passing and moving, super basic drill  (if they just need practice working on the basics use this)
Set up two lines of cones, passing distance apart.  Pass across to opposite side, follow pass.  Receive with one foot, pass with the other.  Once ball gets to end dribble ball back to start of line.  Get a second & third? ball going to ensure people are alert and on their toes.  Just watch video for drill pattern, you will note that they are not doing a good job of receiving with one foot and passing with the other.  I really want you to work on this good first touch.

Passing and Receiving on the move  
15x15 grid (or 20x20 if more people) cones at corners and along side
one ball between two people, start with simple movement around the grid, pass and cut to space calling for next pass.  Move to passing and then running around one of the cones on the outside of the grid and then cutting into grid to receive the ball.  Talk about change of pace on the cuts (ie. pass...60% to cone, 80% around cone to receive pass)
Focus on nice crisp passes on the turf and good first touch.  No floppy ankles!  Move to the ball.

Passing triangles, opening up to receive pass (pass and move)
Groups of three.  Pass to one partner then cut between the two partners to receive from partner 2.  Always cut between partners after you have passed.  Working on good passes and solid first touch.  Person receiving pass, let ball cross your body for first touch.

Four corners drill
Set up small grids, four people per grid.  Three people on corner cones, one defender.  Always fill the empty cones next to someone is always moving to be one pass away (not across the grid).  They people on Offence don't need to receive exactly on corners, could be on side as everyone is moving.  If Defender gets ball they switch out.
Working on passing, good first touch, triangles
Small inter-squad scrimmage working on passing & triangles.  Small field & small goals.

Coaching Points
-athletic stance (on toes/balls of feet/ready position)
-planting foot next to ball pointing at partner/target
-strike ball with inside of foot, firm ankle  (no floppy ankles/feet)
-good first touch!
-nice easy follow through
-keep ball on the turf

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