Sunday, May 13, 2012

U8 girls practice - May 15

Focus:  Receiving the ball and more passing

I'm with the boys this week, so I thought you could try doing a mass warm up and then some stations and then end with an inter-squad (only your team) scrimmage.  Renee could you keep time and switch the stations every 8/9 minutes.  After dribble grid, get your team to come to your station first and then at Renee's whistle move to next station in a clockwise direction.  Once you have your own team back at end of stations have a scrimmage or play the numbers game to the end of practice.  Have fun!

Warm up:  Dribble Grid (Cassie/Riley will run)
(inside, outside, r foot only, left only, storks, tic tocs, turns, fakes and anything else you want to throw in!)

Now move to stations:  start with own team at your own station!

Agility & non ball warm up:  Link tag (Hrvojka)
and ladders if you want (you will need to grab them out of storage, old bathrooms, door on non river side is usually open, if not find me or Kim for a key)

Passing and receiving with gates (Renee)

Receiving the ball and passing (Cassie & Riley)
Half players with bibs (start as servers), other half of players are receiving the ball.  Start with two touch passing, then one touch, then small tosses to control a higher ball.  Demo receiving on two touch (one touch to control, one to pass), demo a higher tossed ball, get their foot up to receive the pass touch one and then pass back, touch two.    Receive and pass and then cut to a new server, working around to all servers.

Pass and move (Natalie)
Set up a decent sized grid with cones between corners.  Have players pair up, one ball per pair.  Running around grid, they pass to partner and then run around any one of the cones on the outside and then cutting to partner to receive pass.  Working on receiving on the move.  Get them calling for ball.  Nice first touch close to feet.

Back to original groups/your team
Numbers game or scrimmage to end - intersquad
Set up grid/field with two goals. Separate players into 2 teams. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc on each team. Call out a number. The player called from each team enters into the field to challenge for the ball. The coach sends the ball in and players try to score on opposing side while defending their own side. Have all players start in the goal and act as goalies. Coach can call out more than one number to make 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 situations and promote passing.

Coaching points:
-receiving ball with athletic stance, on toes so ready to respond
-cushion ball
-nice playable first touch
-move to the ball

(passing coaching points-see last weeks post)

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