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U10 girls practice - May 15

I will be working with the boys so you are on your own.  Someone will run the agility portion of practice as a mass group, then the rest of the time you will be running your own practice with your team (I will put it on blog as soon as I get in touch with that someone!).  Here is a basic outline, feel free to add your own drills if you want as long as they are focussing on passing and receiving.  Also don't feel you have to get through all of these drills!  Make sure you end with a small sided scrimmage/numbers game so players get lots of touches on the ball during this small game.  Also try a passing and receiving under pressure drill today.  And have fun of course!

Focus/Theme:  Receiving the ball

Warm up:  Dribble Grid
inside, outside, right foot, left foot, storks, tic-tocs, turns, fakes, simon says?  anything else you can think of!
Play knock out/shark - either shark gets your ball and you become shark and shark gets to dribble around OR if shark gets your ball, you become a shark too, OR if shark gets your ball 5 star jumps and your back in the game

Agility:  Ladders and cones and dynamic stretching
Arlana will let you know who uses the ladders when.  I will give Arlana the ladders and some extra cones.

skill- receiving the pass.   Half players on outside (of circle) with balls, half on inside of circle no balls.  OR if not enough to do this, have half of players put on pinnies and scatter around grid as servers.  Players on inside make cuts to ball, receive a pass, control the pass and in two touches pass back to outside player, then cut and call for a new ball.  Switch inside to outside and do same (or servers and non servers).  Switch again, try one touch passing.  Switch once more, working on higher balls, thigh height (have players toss ball) work on control (getting foot up to control ball not off leg) and then bring it down and pass back to outside

Passing and receiving on the move
15x15 (or 20x20 if more people) grid cones at corners and along side
one ball between two people, start with simple movement around the grid, pass and cut to space calling for next pass, move to passing and then running around one of the cones on the outside the grid and then cutting into grid to receive the ball.  Talk about change of pace on the cuts (ie. pass...60% to cone, 80% around cone to receive pass)
Focus on cushioning ball on the move but making that first touch playable, not stuck to your foot.  Receive with a nice firm ankle and the side of the foot.

Passing and moving, super basic drill  (if just need to work on basics, use this)
Set up two lines of cones, passing distance apart.  Pass across to opposite side, follow pass.  Receive with one foot, pass with the other.  Once ball gets to end dribble ball back to start of line.  Get a second & third? ball going to ensure people are alert and on their toes.  Just watch video for drill pattern, you will note that they are not doing a good job of receiving with one foot and passing with the other.  I really want you to work on this good first touch.

Receiving the ball under pressure:
Create a 15x15 grid, one person at each corner with ball, or have two with balls and two without so there are passing options.  Two people in ctr of grid one is the attacker and one the defender.  Attacker has to cut to ball, receive and return the ball or use a passing option

*Still wanting to work on first touch(you can never work on first touch too much!)...try this drill.

First touch and Pass Drill
Watch video!!
This may be more challenging for some, get them to just start slow and get faster as they can.  I would make two lines of cones, line up on opposite ends of two lines so they are working both feet and less standing.  

Passing & receiving under pressure - circle drill, two defenders, play keep away working on good first touch and possession.  This could lead to scrimmage.

Numbers game or scrimmage to end - intersquad
Set up grid/field with two goals. Separate players into 2 teams. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc on each team. Call out a number. The player called from each team enters into the field to challenge for the ball. The coach sends the ball in and players try to score on opposing side while defending their own side. Have all players start in the goal and act as goalies. Coach can call out more than one number to make 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 situations and promote passing.  This too could lead to scrimmage.

Scrimmage - small sided games, small field work on shorter passing game.  

coaching points receiving:
-be in ready/athletic position, balls of feet
-make first touch playable, not too far ahead
-receive with side of the foot, firm ankle

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