Saturday, May 26, 2012

U6 practice - week of May 29

U6 practice - you will be running your own practices again this week.  I will do another round of stations for next week.  Also next Thursday June 7th will be wacky hair day for players and coaches.  Please put the word out!

Warm up game:  Cow Dogs  (working on dribbling and defending)

Turn and Burn- dribbling with speed
Divide players into two teams – put them in different colored pinnis One team starts on one end of the grid with a ball each. Objective is for players with the ball to dribble towards the players without, who remain stationary. The coach shouts “Turn” and the players with the ball stop, turn and try to dribble back to their starting line. When the players without the ball here the coach shout “Turn” he players without the ball can release and try and steal the balls of the apposing team before they get back over the safe line. Take turns having both teams being attackers/defenders. Do not eliminate players who lose their ball. Let them have another go.
Variations: Introduce specific turns: big toe turn, little toe turn, pull back, etc.

Passing/shooting for accuracy:  Circle game
**Review key coaching points for either passing/shooting technique whichever you use this drill to focus on.

Shooting- Lay off drill
Two lines, facing coach, each player has a ball.  Player passes to coach who lays ball off to one side, player runs onto ball and shoots on net.

Shooting- 1 v 1 to goal
Start with two lines; (Attackers & Defenders) with the attackers slightly ahead of the defenders. The attackers start to dribble with the ball towards goal. Once the attacker is an appropriate distance away, the coach tells the defender to go and put pressure on the attacking player from behind. If defending player wins the ball they try and pass it back to the coach.
Coaches: Allow for offensive success at first and be mindful of the different physical and technical abilities of the players when deciding when to release the defender. Game can be played with or without goalkeeper.

Numbers game: two goals
focus on 1 v 1 attacking, getting past a player.

(coaching points:  attack with speed, keep ball close to you)

Four goal scrimmage....focus on attacking and scoring!  1 goal on each side of grid.  Coach have a stash of balls with you to restart game if ball goes out.

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