Sunday, May 13, 2012

U6 Practice Plan - week of May 15

U6 coaches - you will run a basic practice with just your group this week.  Focus is dribbling review and passing.  No head coach at your practice today.  Don't forget to give a water break in middle sometime (while you switch up cones?) especially important if it's warmer out!  Email me if you can't log into bytesize coaching.  Don't feel you need to get through all these drills.  Also if you have a drill that works on the theme/focus please use it!!  Have fun!

Warm up/Agility:  Freeze tag
Set up a 20m x 20m grid. Players travel around the grid with a ball. Coach/parent tries to tag the players. When a player is tagged he/she must stand still with legs shoulder width apart and pick up ball. Players are unfrozen when a teammate can dribble a ball through their legs.
Harder (U6): Have players replace coach(es) as taggers.
Harder (U6): Players must perform 2 juggles to unfreeze.

Dribbling review:  Square Dance
feel free to add a few more commands too, toe taps for example
coaching points:
-lots of touches on the ball
-head up to watch for others
-use all parts of your foot to dribble with
-keep the ball close to you

Dribbling game:  North & South & Red & Blue

Passing: Circle Target Game

coaching points for passing:
-planting/non-kicking foot next to ball & pointing at target
-strike ball in middle with side of foot
-firm ankle (no spaghetti feet)

Passing:  Swamps & Crocs
make two lines of cones heading towards the net, the players need to pass to parent/coach and not hit the crocs (cones) and then shoot on net.  Run and grab your ball from the net.  

Passing:  The Yelling Game!

Instructions for the game:
To start the game you pass the ball to any of the players. • The player who is at the receiving end of the pass must inform the team by yelling the
name of the player whom he/she is going to pass the ball. This player must complete
the informing others part before even receiving the pass. • Every next player must do the same thing of yelling the name of another player before
receiving the pass and must immediately pass the ball on to the player whose name he/she yelled.
This exercise of yelling the name of other player even before receiving the pass helps players to think smart and quickly.
Make sure that the players do not stick to one or two names only, so that each player in the team gets the opportunity to be an active player. (kids generally remember their best friends only; make them feel that every other player in the team is their best friend.)
No player passes the ball back to the player from whom he/she received the pass. • The game can be continued for at least ‘n’ number of passes for each player. For a
short practice session, the ‘n’ can be 2 or 3, or you can extend the game for a greater number of passes. It would be best if every player gets almost same number of chances.
Variations that can be introduced:
As an advanced level, you can allow the players to move within a certain specified grid.
A second ball can be added to test the attentiveness of the players.

Small Sided Game: Numbers Games – 2 Goals
Set up a small grid, depending on number of players. Separate players into 2 teams as shown below. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player on each team must race around the cones into the field where a ball is placed. Players must attempt to score on their opponent’s goal while defending their own. Encourage celebrations after a goal!
Easier: have them just run it as a race with a ball in their hand and have them throw the ball in goal Easier (U4): Put two balls so each can score goals Harder (U6) – Increase number of players to 2 or 3 to encourage teamwork (grid size may need to increase to accommodate this.)

Cheer at end & then snack and social!

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