Friday, May 18, 2012

U13 Girls practice - May 24

This week you will all run your own practices.  I am not providing a focus for this week as one coach expressed the need to work on some rule items and basic set pieces.  It being mid way through the season, it is a good time to work on any loose ends from games etc.  If you are unsure what to work on, continue working on fundamentals, you can never do too much of this.  There are a number of drills that we have not done from the previous three practice posts, you can always use these.  OR start looking at 1 v 1 situations both offensively and defensively...find a couple of links at bottom of page (Next weeks focus/theme will shooting and goal keeping.).

I will be available to help whomever may need it.  Be it feeding balls, demoing a skill, jumping in and playing etc...  If there is something specific that you want to work on and would like my help during this time please email me.

This does not mean go and play a game against another team for this time period.    

Here is the basic outline (if you haven't picked up on it).

Warm up - with ball
Agility of some kind
skill introduction drill
skill focus drill
skill focus drill (if time)
Inter-squad scrimmage

Some drill ideas for 1 v 1, 2 v 1 or team play below: (1v1 attacking with goalie) (second drill) (coaching principles of play)

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