Monday, May 18, 2015

U8 practice #5 goal keeping

****Please don't move onto practice #5 until you have completed practice #4 on shooting.

Theme this week:  Goal keeping

Take some time to review the video snippets below and familiarize yourself with the various goal keeping techniques.  Try these out in the drills and warm up section.  Remember to review the obvious with your players, the goalie is the only person on the field who can use their hands.  Pull out the goalie gear out of your tub for games tonight so that the goalie is distinct.

Ready position
Bowling technique and scooping and locking the box
Catching Grips
Punting technique

Two part warm up tonight:
Skill review:
15x15 grid

Players in grid with a ball each. Have each player do a series of activities with ball such as bounce ball then catch, throw ball into air and catch, roll ball through another's legs and retrieve, kick ball into air and catch.
Introduce goaltending skills such as ones shown above. Players practice in partners. You may want to focus on only a couple such as ready position, locking the box and catching grips. Use your imagination to make it fun and effective.

Soccer tag goalie style warm up:
(in your byte sized coaching binder)  Play one or all versions of this tag game depending on your players.
15x15 grid
Start with a game of soccer tag - the players with the ball can only untag themselves by hitting the leg or foot (i.e., below the knee with the ball), but the ball must be kicked.
Then the game is changed. Just four players have a ball and the ball is picked up. The rule is now that to tag someone the player with the ball must hit another without a ball below the knee. This time the player without the ball can protect his/her lower legs with the hands and arms.
Finally, a more conventional game of tag, where the player who is "It!" can tag any player within the square -- except for those holding a ball.
The idea is for those with a ball to follow "It!" around and throw the ball to a friend who is about to be tagged.
Should a player just hang on to the ball and do nothing then that player becomes "It!" (at the direction and discretion of the coach).
Similarly, if a player runs out of the area in an attempt not to be tagged that player becomes "It!"

GAME:  GK ball
create small playing field, two even teams
goals = 3 arches in a row or 3 tall cones to knock over, or cones with balls on top (don't play heading to score as in video)
Teams can only move the ball by rolling or throwing it (no running or passing with feet).  In order to score they must get it through an arch, or knock cone or ball down.  Have an appropriate limit of time to hold onto the ball.  Work on using space to roll or throw ball to when people are covered.

Arches game:
A fun game where players get the idea of rolling and throwing the ball and picking it up (work on scooping up and "locking the box" technique ensuring the legs aren't to far apart that ball and go through them)
-20x30 yard grid with 5-8 arches inside (or create small goals with cones).
- players in partners. They see how many arches they can roll through and catch within a certain period of time. They must go to a different arch after each throw.

GK circle game:
trying to hit cone(s) in centre of circle.  Use rolling technique.  Move to overhand throw to try it out if you want, but focus on rolling/bowling technique.

Musical Balls/Coach says
In a 15x15 grid.  Spread balls around.  Coach says running around grid, shuffle, etc... when coach says ready position all players show appropriate ready position.  When coach says ball, all players jump/dive on a ball, last person on a ball gives their ball to coach or just play with all balls....or anyone who doesn't get a ball does 5 jumping jacks, toe taps, catches etc...  Throw in whatever fun commands you like.

Go practice punting balls into a net because it's fun to try and kids love it when they get this skill.  **In games encourage goalie to roll ball to their players because it is easiest for players to control.

Lay-off shooting drill, with rotating goalie (or lightening if you know it or any other favourite shooting drill with goalie)

Have one player start in goal and one player start as ball shagger (or two of each if you can run two lines)
Have players line up facing coach (or parent) so you can have two lines if possible (depending on numbers....just want to minimize line standing).
Players pass to coach who lays it off to player who runs onto it, and shoots on net.  Shooter goes to goalie, goalie goes to shagger, shagger gets ball and jumps in line.

Chain Soccer
Set up a small grid, depending on number of players. Separate players/parents into 2 teams. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player/parent combo from each team enters into the field to challenge for the ball. Players try to score on opposing side while defending their own side. Players not called can act as goalies on their side (encourage them to use their new skills).

Game:  just the beautiful game of soccer.  Small sided scrimmage with goalies.  I will make sure the pop up nets are available.

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