Sunday, May 31, 2015

U13 Practice #7

Moving onto attacking this week!  (If you have done defending.)  Please feel free to use any of the defending drills you used last week during attacking, just ensure you are coaching attacking.

Attacking with ball:
-attack with speed
-keep ball close
-attack weak side if you know it
-try and catch defender flat footed
-exploit them if too close

Warm Up:
Dribbling Grid - 20 x 30 meter grid. Players dribbling in grid listening to coaches instructions - turn, accelerate, find space etc. Have them practice offensive moves when dribbling, when they approach another player have them do a move to get by them. Players may want to demonstrate some moves to team and then have players practice moves.

5 vs 5(or whatever you have) focus on players creating opportunities to attack the net. You may want to set up a pop up net and a few arches that they can score on to create more attacking opportunities.

Technical Team Activities:
Spend some time talking and demonstrating attacking skills. See key coaching points above.
Choose a few of the following activities. I would recommend that players practice at least one 1 vs 1 activity and one 2 vs 1 activity.  You may want to talk (and demo) about a wall pass.  Drawing the defender and Windows/holes.

1 vs 1  set up enough lanes so all players can be practicing attacking skills.

Progression to 2 vs 1.  
Defender passes to attackers who try to beat defender and dribble across line. You may  want to progress to 3 vs 2. If you have two coaches each coach could take one group each to work with.
or 3v1 (this is a great drill).
2 vs 2 activity. Can attacking players be creative enough to gain end line?

Attacking Attack - players like this activity.
Divide team into attackers and defenders. Match an attacker with a defender. Place all players in the 18 yard box. One coach is situated on each side of 18 yard box. They distribute balls into the box and attackers try to create an opportunity to score while the defenders try to get the ball out of 18. Distribute balls to different areas of 18 yard box. Key coaching points: attack the ball, look for shooting opportunities.

Gauntlet drill
If you did not have time to do this activity last week, you may want to try it this week. Kids love it! Have defenders move up in grid after each player goes through the gauntlet. The objective is to see if a player can beat all the defenders and shoot on goalie. Defenders are trying to stop attacker in each grid. Check it out.

Focus on attacking  :)

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