Sunday, May 24, 2015

U4/5 Practice #5 May 27/15

Hello coaches!  Thanks to those coaches who helped out at Super Soccer Saturday, a good time had by all :)
We really appreciate your extra time spent to help on this day.

A gentle reminder to watch the time that you allot for each activity so that you can get to all of them.  The warm up should take less than 5 minutes, then spend 5-7 minutes on each of the other activities.

If your photos were not done last week, they will happen this week. 

FOCUS SKILL - Goal Tending
You know after all that telling the kids not to use their hands, now we are going to use them!!!  Preface it that one person on the pitch can use their hands... the goal keeper!

We always pair goal keeping with shooting so this will continue to be part of our theme as well, and we will replay some of last weeks games but with a little twist.

1. Warm up 
Play a game of donkey tails.  Half of the players have pinnies as "tails" tucked into their shorts, the other half try and get as many pinnies as possible or some variation of this.

2. Ready Position
You may want to have them play a Simon Says game where you introduce this skill.

3. Bowling Technique / Scooping and Holding the Ball
Working with their parent, have players bowl ball to each other working on proper bowling, scooping and hugging the ball technique.  Maybe have them move to passing it back to player on their knees who then attempts to dive on the ball.  (If kids are granny bowling it that is totally fine and age appropriate).

Bowling technique (non granny style)

Scooping and locking the box  (stress this part)
-I like how the coach says to make a cage around the ball, maybe go back to "the soccer ball is your pet" analogy somehow here?

(Some of this may be above them, but they will get the idea and the videos are excellent so that you can demo the skills well!)

4. Soccer Bowling
Set up a ball on top of a disc cone, one for each pair.  Players are taking turns back and forth, trying to knock the ball of the cone as before, however this time they are bowling with hands not feet.  Appoint a parent or two to help place the balls back on top of the cone when it is knocked off.

5. Swamps and Crocs
I saw some teams playing this last week (and the kids played it on Saturday too, so I know that they are getting the hang of this now), but this time players are throwing the ball over the swamp to their parent, and the parent rolls it back.  At the end, player takes a shot on goal.  Have players take turns in goal to practice as well.  (See last weeks post for the specifics if you didn't get around to playing this)

6. Four Goal Shooting.
I made a mistake in last weeks post, it should have read "make four goals, ONE on each side of your grid".  Remember that you only get one pop up net, but you can use arches for extra goals, or create goals with tall cones.  This week, have players go in goal, and parents and kids not in goal try to score on them.   Switch up goalies so that everyone gets to shoot and everyone (who wants to) gets to go in goal. (Also see last week's post for more details)

Games, cheers & snacks!
(I have noticed that some of the games are starting to take the shape of "real" soccer out there, nice work coaches!)

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