Monday, May 18, 2015

U13 practice #5

This week you should be combining shooting and goal keeping.
There are a ton of goal keeping drills here, pick some that you like and will be fun and useful for your kids.

If you have not done Shooting session please do first (Week 4) before moving onto Goalkeeping (Week 5)

Theme this week:  Goal Keeping
If you have some good goal keeping activities you would like please do.

Warm Up:
Goalie Grid -  a few minutes
or a great dynamic warm up: goalie focus:
Each player with a ball. Players jogging in 20X30 grid following coaches commands that work on flexibility and goalie skills. Throw ball into air and catch, throw let bounce and catch, throw and catch in air landing on two feet, find partner and throw between their each other's legs and then turn and retrieve.
Can include a bit of this:

Ultimate with a ball - 5-10 minutes
Same game as ultimate frisbee except with a ball. Two teams in 30X40 m sized field. Objective of game is to have team catch ball in end zone. Ball can only be moved by throwing and catching. Players cannot run with ball. Change of possession any time ball is not caught. Must pass ball within 5 seconds. Defenders must be one arm length way from player with possession.
You may want to introduce another ball to involve more players in the game.
Key coaching points: movement off ball, provide support, demonstrate proper catching technique (keeping hands together and making a v or w with hands and remembering to "lock the box" when ball is caught). Have fun.
Game: 5-10 minutes
6 vs 6 game. Adaptation - in middle of field mark out a 6 X 6 m2 grid. One goalie from each team in grid. No players can enter grid. Goalies are moving within their grid making themselves available for a pass from teammate. Goalie then throws/rolls ball to teammate to continue play. Note: only goalie receiving ball from teammate can play ball, other goalie must not interfere with play.
Key coaching points for goalies - good delivery of ball, position towards play.

Technical Team Activities:
-please talk about and coach positioning of goalkeeper during the practice.
- Furthermore talk about the role of the goalkeeper. Not only are they there to stop the ball from entering the net, but they are in the best position to see what is unfolding on the field so they need to be strong communicators and not be afraid to communicate to players where they need to be, and also have good foot and hand skills to distribute the ball.

Below a series of one minute videos on the techniques:
Ready position
Bowling technique and scooping and "locking the box"
Catching Grips
 Punting technique

Skill work:
Choose a few of the skills above and have players work on skills with partner. The players may like this challenge as well: Basket catch drill in pairs
try some of these drills:

Use some of the shooting drills from practice #4 and combine with some goal keeping coaching including positioning of keeper (are they too far out of the net? too close to the net? cutting down the angle?)

Large grid, one goal made with cones in the middle with goalie (who is neutral) they always roll ball out.  To score must go through the cones and beat goalie.  Change goalie often.
The players can pass anywhere in the grid, attempting to get goalie to move and thus get best shooting angle

Punting for accuracy:

Game: Usual rules. You may want to shorten the field and use larger nets to encourage more shooting.
Coach goalie keeping skills and using the goalie as a player.

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