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U4/5 Wacky Wednesday & Stations May 13/15

Its Wacky Wednesday!  Don't forget your crazy costume today.
I saw EVERY coach and player smiling last week, keep up the good work :)

STATIONS:  The horn will go at 4:00 to start and then every 6-ish minutes to change stations.   The first station is your own and slightly longer to allow for a little warmup first (pick a tag game) and then at 4:09 your team will move to the next station so get them going quickly!

One coach will run the station and the other coach (or a parent) can help move the group from station to station.  Teams 1-7 will rotate clockwise around their stations on the road side of the field and teams 8-14 will rotate clockwise around their stations on the opposite end of the field.

Obstacle Course  -  #7 Amanda / Whitney  &  # 9 Stephanie / Amy

I will bring out hurdles, ladders, hoops and cones in the wagon. You just have to set up a fun obstacle course!  You could do a round with balls and a round without, with passing sections where they can't dribble.  Be creative!  Don't forget to demo what you want the kids to do each round.

Knock the Jungle Down  -  #1 Lilliane / Bryan  &  #12 John / Lisa

I will bring extra disc cones to the field; if you "roll" a cone and stick it into another one on the ground, it "looks" more like a jungle plant.  Use tall cones too.  Place cones within a grid for players to dribble around.
Players must dribble through the jungle without touching the "poisonous jungle plants".
You can become a lion, tiger, elephant, etc, and chase them through the jungle.
After you have been through it a couple of times, switch to "clearing" the jungle by knocking the cones over with a soccer ball. Could also "time" the players to see if they can knock all the plants down in a set amount of time.  Then challenge them to do it faster.  Coach passing points while playing this.

Shark  -  #6 Jill / Anna / Megan  &  #10 Travis / Keri

Mark out a grid.  Players are the "fish" and line up on one end of the grid with soccer balls.  Coach is the "shark" and is in the centre of the grid.  When coach calls out "Shark!" players try to get to the other side without getting tagged by the shark.  If player is tagged by a shark, they become a shark too.  Play the first round without soccer balls, and play the next rounds with players dribbling soccer balls.

Pirate Pete  -  #2 Dave / Shendra  &  #13 Blair / Ben

You will need to get the parents to play for this station. Divide the players (with their parent) into two teams. Put one team in pinnies.  Player and parent will be partners who are passing the ball to each other in a line to create a "channel".
One team has to run through the channel to get to the treasure (soccerballs).  I will bring out extra soccer balls for you to use in addition to your own.
The other team is kicking/passing across the channel, trying to hit the other team with the ball (below the knee) as they run through.
If players get struck by the ball they have to go back and try again.
When players get to the treasure they bring a piece back to their ship (they can carry or dribble the ball depending on their level).
Players change roles after a set time. Count the pieces of treasure that each team collects.
To make it easier, players can roll the ball rather than kick it.

Clean Your Messy Room  -  #5 Sheena / Shawna / Wyatt  &  #11 Roy  /Kyle

Split your grid in half with cones across the centre, and make 2 teams.
Each team starts with same amount of soccer balls.  There will be extra soccer balls in the wagons, so grab a few more to add to your own and keep all
When you say "Go!" players must try to keep the balls (laundry? toys?) out of their "room" by kicking them into the other team's half.
When coach say "Stop!" players freeze and count up the balls to see who wins (least amount of balls/laundry/toys in grid wins).
Play again!

Nuts & Squirrels  -  #3 Pat / Christy  &  # 14 Margo / Kurt

In your grid, create 3 small goals or "hoarding areas/trees" in the corners of the grid.
Place all of the soccer balls (nuts) in the middle of the grid.  I will bring out extra soccer balls in the wagon, so grab some so that there are more to challenge from.
Players are the "squirrels" in groups of two or three, and start in the hoarding area.
Players take turns, and one at a time from their "team", are trying to get as many "nuts" as they can from the centre of the grid when you shout "Go!"
When there are no balls left in the middle, coach yells "steal" or (something else appropriate) and then they may try and steal nuts from the other hoarding areas.  No defending the nuts!
Although most teams played this last week and players should understand the game, it is still a good review to have players carry the ball in the first round.  Then progress to dribbling, and incorporate a pass to the waiting player if you can.

Scrimmage  -  #4 Tyler / Christie / Jaana  &  #8 Simone / Jenny

Grab one bag of nets and create a small field with two goals.  Divide kids onto two teams and give one set pinnies and play soccer (have parents stationed around the outside of the field to keep ball in the field of play).  Feel free to add a second ball if needed, but try and keep it to one since it will only be six kids playing.  Put parents in goal and encourage dramatic saves and misses!

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