Sunday, May 3, 2015

U8 practice #3

Please don't move onto practice #3 until you have completed practice #2!

Theme:  ball control
-be in ready/athletic position, balls of feet
-get in line with the flight of the ball
-early selection of playing surface
-make first touch playable, not too far ahead
- cushion ball with receiving part of body (foot, thigh ...)

Warm Up:
5 min Chasing Ball: Each player with a ball. Players give ball to coach who throws them out into field. Players retrieve ball, dribble it back to coach who will then throw ball out again. See video. Fun activity. 

or introduce juggling, can encourage a bounce in between to start

OBSTACLE course!!

Game: 5-10 min
Focus on ball control.
4 vs 4 game. Same as last week, to score team must pass and receive ball over end line. No nets for this activity. I saw some great passing and ball control last week by teams. Keep it up!

Technical session:  Receiving and BAll control
***Demo, demo, demo what it should look like.

Start Basic:  two touch passing through cones or gates.
If you make two gates next to each other, then they can work on receiving through one gate and then passing it through the other.  Receive with one foot, pass with the other.
or even more basic:

Inside/outside Drill
4 players on outside with balls, 4 on inside without balls.  Inside players are cutting to players on outside to receive a pass and then pass it back.  (try to encourage receive with one foot, pass with the other, and a nice playable touch).

Move to passing and receiving under pressure.
start with a basic 5 v 1 drill (Karl's keep away)
Corner passes: 20 X 20 grid. One feeder on each corner of grid with ball. Two players in middle. One player will try to receive ball from corner players and then pass back while other player will be defending against this player. To start you may want to have defensive player only try 50% to give offensive player success to start. See video.

GAME, just a good old scrimmage!

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