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U10 practice #5 Goal Keeping

***Please don't proceed to practice #5 until you have done practice #4 on shooting!

Theme this week:  Goal keeping

Lots of drill options here:  pick a few that you like after you watch the following skill videos.
Take a bit of time to talk about positioning of goalie and role of goalie beyond just stopping the they are like the quarterback on the field, they can see the game well from their position so start to help people with picking up checks etc...keep it brief but good to touch on.

Ready position
Bowling technique and scooping and "locking the box"
Catching Grips
Punting technique

Warm up part 1: skills

Players in grid with a ball each. Have each player do a series of activities with ball such as bounce ball then catch, throw ball into air and catch, roll ball through another's legs and retrieve, kick ball into air and catch.
Introduce goaltending skills such as ones shown above. Players practice in partners. You may want to focus on only a couple such as ready position, locking the box and catching grips. Use your imagination to make it fun and effective.

Can include a bit of this:

Warm up part 2:  Crazy goal keeper tag.
(in your byte sized coaching binder)
Grid:  15x15
Start with a game of soccer tag - the players with the ball can only untag themselves by hitting the leg or foot (i.e., below the knee with the ball), but the ball must be kicked.
Then the game is changed. Just four players have a ball and the ball is picked up. The rule is now that to tag someone the player with the ball must hit another without a ball below the knee. This time the player without the ball can protect his/her lower legs with the hands and arms.
Finally, a more conventional game of tag, where the player who is "It!" can tag any player within the square -- except for those holding a ball.
The idea is for those with a ball to follow "It!" around and throw the ball to a friend who is about to be tagged.
Should a player just hang on to the ball and do nothing then that player becomes "It!" (at the direction and discretion of the coach).
Similarly, if a player runs out of the area in an attempt not to be tagged that player becomes "It!"

GAME:  GK ball
please note the scoring change listed below (no heading as in video, but knock over)
Create small playing field, instead of goals put tall cones (5) to knock over or disc cones with balls on top.
To score: a team has to knock a cone (or a ball off a cone) over with a throw to score.
Ball can only be moved by throwing to team-mate. Players cannot run with the ball. All passes must be caught before touching the ground.  (like ultimate frisbee)
Opposition gets possession if ball hits ground from a misplaced throw or a mishandled catch.
Interceptions can be made by opposition; everyone can use their hands.
Partial interceptions can be disputed and claimed by either side by diving on the ball.
No tackling allowed - only screening.
3-second rule. If one player is holding on to the ball the coach begins the count: "One, Two…" if the ball is not thrown before "Three" it is turned-over to the opposition.

Create small goals and in pairs practice diving.

Coach says/Musical balls
In a 15x15 grid.  Spread balls around.  Coach says running around grid, shuffle, etc... when coach says ready position all players show appropriate ready position.  When coach says ball, all players jump/dive on a ball, last person on a ball gives their ball to coach or just play with all balls....or anyone who doesn't get a ball does 5 jumping jacks, toe taps, catches etc...  Throw in whatever fun commands you like.

Here are a few optional fun drills if want:

Basket catch drill in pairs
Ladder drill - use cones as ladder rungs it progresses right through to diving, use what you like
Pick one or two drill from this video

Triangle Goal Game 
This introduces more movement into the session and we add balls served off the ground. Place three cones or coaching sticks in an equilateral triangle with sides about 6 yards long. 10 yards from each side of the triangle is a server with balls; one keeper is in the triangle. The keeper moves out beyond the cones or sticks to face the first server, who strikes the ball at the keeper. The keeper then quickly moves to the next side of the triangle and saves a shot there, etc. You can do this as a timed activity (who can make the most saves in two minutes) or a counted activity (most saves per a fixed number of shots faced).
 The keeper needs to move quickly from one "goal" to the next, finding good position and being ready to face the shot as soon as possible. Ask servers to vary their shots -- on the ground, low or high (but not over the keeper's head). Don't let the fact that the keeper is moving keep them from using proper hand position and getting their body behind the ball.

World Cup style shooting with goalies
Shots on Goal
For the last part of the session, go to live fire. You can simply put shots on goal (could have the keepers come off one post, touch the middle of the 6-yard line or a cone in an equivalent spot, and then make the save). Or, you can put it into a more game-like situation (albeit with fewer shots) by playing 2v2 or 3v3 in a 35- to 40-yard field with two full-size goals. If you only have one frame, you can play "World Cup" style, with teams of two all attacking one goal against everybody else and the keeper. Rotate keepers every few shots.

OR of course you could play LIGHTNING!  Ask Rory or Kendra if you don't know how to play.

Don't forget to leave time for a scrimmage at the end.
Game:  two sides, one field, the beautiful game!

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