Saturday, May 9, 2015

U13 Practice #4 shooting

***Please note the photo schedule and your upcoming date for this and remind your players
**Please remind your players of Super Soccer Saturday coming up on May 23 (they must register)
*Girls coaches it is dance recital week, so you will be missing players all week, if your team is too depleted to run a practice join forces with another team.  There are no formal games for girls this week due to dance recital but there are mixed games-please run according to numbers (small goal scrimmages).

Focus skill:  shooting
Feel free to include your favourite shooting activity.
By the end of the session we hope the players have a good understanding of the mechanics of shooting a moving ball and have had many opportunities to practice the skill.

Coaching points:
-planting foot pointing at the target
-planting foot next to ball
-striking ball with laces,
- toe pointed down ankle locked
-knee over ball (of striking foot)
-shoulder over the ball (head down as striking)
-quick snap and follow through
- best to strike a moving  ball

a long winded explanation if you need it:

Warm up:
Play donkey tails.  Half players tuck pinnies into their shorts as tails, the other half try to get their pinnies.  If you get a pinnie tuck it into your shorts and keep playing.


Pairs, underhand passes to partner who pops it back with the laces.  Jump over a cone between feeds.

GAME:  play with two goals at each end to encourage attacking and shooting.

Technical Session:  Shooting
Start by introducing the skill and how it should be done.  Break into pairs and have them practice kicking the ball (moving ball) to each other through cone goals.  Or take them to work on this against the fence.  Coach the coaching points.

Move to shooting on goals with no defender:  simple lay off drills  (this video has a number of variations, but even if you just use the first version)
or 5 shot drill

Lightning:  Coach passes ball to player positioned about 10 meters from net.
Player takes one touch of ball then shoots to score on net. Player must shoot before the penalty area or area designated by coach. The player then goes in net. Keep players moving by having them quickly receive and shoot ball then become goalkeeper. 
Progression: if you get scored on you go behind net. If you catch a ball that goes over the net you get to come back into the game. If someone hits the crossbar then everyone behind net can join in game again. Kids love this game. Be careful it does not cut into game time. 
Focus on players properly kicking a moving ball. 

Four corners shooting drill
A good activity to work on accurate passing and shooting.
Keep players moving. You will want to introduce a second ball as last player is taking a shot.

Shooting under pressure drills:
Big Shot (4v1)


Numbers Game:Set up a small grid with goal at one end/use penalty area.  Separate players into 2 teams lined up on each side of goal.  Place two cones just a bit further than shooting distance even with corners of goal, and place yourself between with a stash of balls.  Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player on each team must race around the cones into the field where a ball is played. Players are trying to both defend and score on the same net. Encourage celebrations after a goal! Progress to 2 or 3 players. Add a goalkeeper


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