Sunday, May 24, 2015

U6 Practice #5 May 27/15

Practice #5

Hey coaches - you have all been doing a fantastic job coaching!  I'm really impressed with all your enthusiasm and getting the kids going and having a great time while learning some skills!

A big thank you to those coaches who helped out at Super Soccer Saturday, you made it a great time!

SKILL FOCUS - Goal Tending

Scooping and "Locking the Box"

Punting Technique -

1. Warm Up:  Soccer Tag
Players are dribbling around in your grid.  Player who is it holds their ball and runs with it, tagging players with the ball.  Once tagged, player is frozen with ball under their foot.  To be freed, another player must dribble up and pass their ball to hit the frozen players ball, or dribble up and tap their ball to the frozen player's ball.

2. Warm Up:  Part 2
Players in grid with a ball each. Have each player do a series of activities with ball such as bounce ball then catch, throw ball into air and catch, roll ball through another's legs and retrieve, kick ball into air and catch.
Introduce goaltending skills such as ones shown above. Players practice in partners. You may want to focus on only a couple such as ready position, locking the box and catching grips. Use your imagination to make it fun and effective.

3. Arches Game
A fun game where players get the idea of rolling and throwing the ball and picking it up (work on scooping up technique ensuring the legs aren't too far apart that ball can go through them).
In your grid, create 5-8 mini goals with arches or cones.  Players work in partners to see how many arches they can roll through and catch within a certain period of time. They must go to a different arch after each throw.  Players may not run with the ball.

4. Musical Balls / Coach says
Spread soccer balls around in your grid.  Coach calls out commands (running around grid, shuffle, etc...)  When coach says "Ready position!" all players show appropriate ready position.  When coach says "Ball!", all players jump/dive on a ball, last person on a ball gives their ball to coach or just play with all balls....or anyone who doesn't get a ball does 5 jumping jacks, toe taps, catches etc...  Throw in whatever fun commands you like.

5. Four Goal Shooting
Similar to last week (see that post for details if you didn't get to it), except have players go in goal, and parents and kids not in goal try to score.  Switch up goalies so everyone gets to shoot and everyone (who wants to) gets to go in goal.

6. Chain Soccer
Separate players/parents into 2 teams. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player/parent combo from each team enters into the field to challenge for the ball. Players try to score on opposing side while defending their own side. Parents and players not called can act as goalies on their side.

Games, cheers, snacks!

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