Saturday, May 9, 2015

U6 Wacky Wednesday & Stations May 13/15

Its Wacky Wednesday!  I am looking forward to seeing your crazy costumes :)
I was really impressed with what I saw on the field last week, in both the practice part of the session (give yourselves a pat on the back coaches!) and in the game-some of those kids seem to get it already!

We will do stations for the first 40 minutes and then move to games as usual.  Kids will start at your station and then when the horn goes after 7 minutes we will move to the next station.  If you have more than one coach have them move to the stations to help with names and crowd control.

Pirate Pete  -  Cindy / Callum

You will need to get the parents to play for this station. Divide the players (with their parent) into two teams. Put one team in pinnies.  Player and parent will be partners who are passing the ball to each other in a line to create a "channel".
One team has to run through the channel to get to the "treasure" (soccer balls).  I will bring out extra soccer balls for you to use in addition to your own.
The other team is kicking/passing across the channel, trying to hit the other team with the ball (below the knee) as they run through.
If players get struck by the ball they have to go back and try again.
When players get to the treasure they bring a piece back to their ship (they can carry or dribble the ball depending on their level).
Players change roles after a set time. Count the pieces of treasure that each team collects.

Rock Soccer  -  Joel/  Amy

Mark out a grid, and mark out a smaller "ball box" in the back of each teams grid.  Make two teams.  Put all the soccer balls at centre.  I will bring out extra soccer balls in the wagon, so grab some so that there are more to challenge from.
On "Go!" each team tries to get as many balls into their "ball box".  When all balls are gone from centre, they go and steal balls from the other teams "ball box".  Your choice if you want to allow checking or just getting as many balls as you can...perhaps progress to checking

Arches & Shots  -  Brock / Tayla

Set up four goals around the outside of your grid.  Put arches around the inside of the grid.
Players are dribbling around and passing through the arches.  When you say "Shots!" they have to go and score on one of the goals around the outside.  Put some parents in goal.  Have them count how many goals they score on the parents!

Turn and Burn  -  Pat / Jennifer

Divide players into two teams.  Put one team in pinnies.  Teams are on opposite sides of the grid.  One team has one ball per player.  The objective is for players with the ball to dribble towards the players without, who remain stationary.
When the coach shouts “Turn!” two things happen: the players with the ball stop, turn and try to dribble back to their starting line, and players without the ball can release and run toward the other players to try and steal the balls of the opposing team before they get back over the safe line.
 Take turns having both teams being attackers/defenders. Do not eliminate players who lose their ball. Let them have another go.
Variations: introduce specific turns such as big toe turn, little toe turn, pullback, etc

Shark  -  Shawn / Gavin

Mark out a grid.  Players are the "fish" and line up on one end of the grid with soccer balls.  Coach is the "shark" and is in the centre of the grid.  When coach calls out "Shark!" players try to get to the other side without getting tagged by the shark.
 If a player is tagged by a shark, they become a shark too.  Play the first round without soccer balls, and play the next rounds with players dribbling soccer balls.
If you think your players are up for it, you could play elimination shark where players are dribbling around the grid, and sharks are trying to kick their balls out of bounds.

Obstacle Course  -  Josie / Brodie

I will bring out hurdles, ladders, hoops and cones in the wagon. You just have to set up a fun obstacle course!  You could do a round with balls and a round without, with passing sections where they can't dribble.  Be creative!  Don't forget to demo what you want the kids to do each round.

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