Sunday, June 14, 2015

U8/10/13 week 8 - the finale!

Well, here we are the final week of soccer!  We can not extend our thanks enough to all of you for making the season a fantastic success up to this point.  We hope you have had fun and that you can dig out your enthusiasm and love of soccer for one more week!

All the head coaches are doing or finishing up player evaluations (to help make teams for next year), please assist them as needed especially if players are away etc. - thanks!

Last week I posted practice #8, so you should be hitting this now if you didn't hit it last week.  Here is the link to the wind up schedule for Saturday.  If you could hand in your gear at wind up, that would be very much appreciated.

We are always trying to make soccer better in Revelstoke, if you have feedback, good, bad, constructive, PLEASE share this with us either verbally or via email: or on the feedback form at

We have enjoyed working with you this season!
High fives all around!
Kim, Rory & Kendra

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