Sunday, June 7, 2015

U8 practice #8

Focus:  passing, possession and spreading out

warm up:

guard the castle game

GAME:  alley soccer
create an alley on each side of the field where a player plays (who is neutral, plays for both teams, must play ball back to team who played them the ball, can not defend the alley) and each team must play the ball to the alley before attempting to score.  The goal is to spread out.

Technical session:

Number passing and move.
Each player gets a number.  1 passes to 2, 2 passes to three etc....after you pass the ball you move to a new space in the grid, getting ready to call to player you receive from.

Pig in the middle, play with one or two pigs, trying to keep ball moving and get players moving.  Might  have players have to try to stay on outside of grid/circle and after you pass the ball you must find a new spot.  If one of the pigs (defenders) touches/gets the ball then they move to the outside and person who made mistake goes into the middle.

Two teams play in two grids next to each other.  Each team has a ball and tries to pass it around.  Each team sends one defender to the other side to try and win the ball and bring it back to other side.  You can send one defender for each ball in oppositions grid, so if they have both balls, you send two defenders.  (you will need to have an adult in each grid to help coordinate).

3v1 two grid
Two grids, 3 in each grid, coach with balls on side in centre, two defenders standing by coach.  Coach plays ball to one grid and then send in a defender the colour of the players in the other grid, if the defender gets it they pass it to the other grid and go back to coach who in the mean time sends in other defender from first team.

possession and spacial awareness game.  Play with two players per side in the middle not three.

GAME: two teams, one ball, normal rules!

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