Monday, June 1, 2015

U6 Practice #6 June 3/15

Hi Coaches!  Great job so far, keep having fun!!!

Heads up for next week... it will be Crazy Hair Day and we will be doing stations again.


Defending Coaching Points - feet about shoulder width apart, with legs slightly bent
                                               - stay on your toes so that you can react to changes of direction by the attacker
                                               - this looks like ready position (last week), however legs are staggered more like a boxer's stance

Attacking Coaching Points - keep the ball close to you
                                               - attack with speed

1. Warm Up - Blob Tag
You may want to start game without any balls and then transition into having the non-blobs dribbling in the grid. You can break the blob whenever you feel necessary.

2. Coach Says....
Try some of the movements included in this video to improve agility and coordination.  Make sure that you include defending stance.
You could then work some activity in with the soccer ball too.

3. Don't Crash the Car
Red Light, Green Light made fun....check out all the variations!

4. Triangle Challenge
Create many triangles in the grid.  In the first round, how many triangles can you dribble through in 30 seconds?  In round two, players must use the sole of the foot and turn out of the triangle.  In round three, use scissor move to get our of triangle etc....

5. Shark Attack
Play in a 20 x 20 grid.  Mark each corner with different coloured cones (look in the cart for more colours, could also use pinnies if there are not enough cones).  Players are the "fish" and are dribbling in the grid, while coaches or parents are the sharks who are trying to win ball the from them.  Players perform toe touches or storks if the shark attack is successful. To give players an opportunity to work on their offensive skills, when coach yells a specific colour,  players must dribble to that coloured corner whilst trying to get past the sharks.

6. Turn and Burn
Divide players into two teams – put one team in pinnies.  One team starts on one end of the grid with a ball each.  Objective is for players with the ball to dribble towards the players without, who remain stationary. T he coach shouts “Turn” and the players with the ball stop, turn and try to dribble back to their starting line.  When the players without the ball hear the coach shout “Turn” the players without the ball can release and run to steal the balls of the opposing team before they get back over the safe line.  Take turns having both teams being attackers/defenders.  Do not eliminate players who lose their ball, let them have another go.
Variations are to introduce specific turns: big toe turn, little toe turn, pull back, etc.

7. 1 v 1 attack
Set up two goals on opposite sides of your grid.  Split your team in half, and have each team on opposite side lines.  Call out a name of a player from each team.  You roll a ball out that they must go out and challenge for when their name is called.  Each team has a goal that they are to try to score in after they have won the ball when they are called.   Player who does not win the ball is defending.

Games at 5:40.  Don't forget to call a short half time and take a water break.
Cheers and snacks!

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