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U4/5 Crazy Hair Day & Stations June 10/15

Its Crazy Hair Day!  Time to get out those wigs and hairspray and make yourself a crazy hair-do :)

STATIONS:  Teams 1-7 will rotate clockwise around their stations on the road side of the field and teams 8-14 will rotate clockwise around their stations on the opposite end.  This means that after #7 you move to #1, and after #14 you move to #8.  The horn will go at 4:00 to start as usual, and then every 6-ish minutes to change stations.   As the first station is your own, I have allotted more time here to allow you to get your team organized or do a little warmup first (pick a tag game).  The first switch will happen at 4:09, and every 6 minutes after that.  Note that 6 minutes isn't very long, so when the team arrives get them going quickly!  Remember that one coach stays at your number to run the station and the other coach (or a parent) can help move the group from station to station.  There are no scheduled games this week.

Pirate Ship  -  #1 Liliane / Bryan  &  #12 John / Lisa
Grid is a Pirate Ship, so talk like a pirate and get them excited.
You are the captain, here are the commands for calls/skills.  Introduce them 2 at a time and have the players perform them a couple of times, and then introduce 2 more.

"Captain's coming!" = players stop dribbling and put their foot on the ball and salute you

"Scrub the decks!" = players roll the ball backwards and forwards using the bottom of their foot; use both feet!

"Climb the rigging!" = players perform toe taps on the ball and pretend to climb with the hands

"Man overboard!" = players dribble to the edge of the ship (grid), place their foot on the ball and their hand on their forehead as if they are looking for somebody; they can then continue dribbling when you tell them to go again

"Fire the cannon!" = players dribble to the edge and kick their ball as far as they can; once all the balls have been kicked, the players can retrieve their soccer ball and carry on dribbling.

"Seagulls are coming" = you pretend to be a seagull who wants to eat their soccer ball; the kids on hearing this command will drop to the ground quickly and protect their ball with their body and hands. You should run around the ship with your arms out like a bird until you tell them to carry on dribbling

Soccer Bowling  -  #2 Shendra  &  #13 Blair / Ben
Exactly like it suggests, and the video makes it self explanatory!
Extra equipment will be available to set up more "lanes" so that you do not have a lineup.  Could have parents challenge their child to see who can knock more soccerballs over.  

Shark Attack  -  #3 Pat / Christy  &  #14 Margo / Kurt
Play in a 20 x 20 grid.  Mark each corner with different coloured cones (look in the cart for more colours, could also use pinnies if there are not enough cones).  Players are the "fish" and are dribbling in the grid, while coaches or parents are the sharks who are trying to win ball the from them.  Players perform toe touches or storks if the shark attack is successful. To give players an opportunity to work on their offensive skills, when coach yells a specific colour,  players must dribble to that coloured corner whilst trying to get past the sharks.

Don't Crash the Car  -  #4 Tyler / Christi / Jaana  &  #8 Simone / Jenny
Red Light, Green Light made fun....check out all the variations!

Topple Me Coconuts  -  #5 Sheena / Shawna / Wyatt  &  #9 Stephanie / Amy 
(See Active Start coach resources Week #2)
Outline your grid with lots of cones and place balls on top like coconuts.  (There will be extra balls and cones for you to use in the wagons for this game)
Split players into 2 teams and have them line-up on opposite sides of the grid.
Players alternate making passes/shots to try and knock the ball off of a cone.
If a player is successful they can go and retrieve both balls and bring them back to their side. Encourage celebrations!

Obstacle Course  -  #6 Jill / Anna / Megan  &  #10 Keri / Travis
I will bring out hurdles, ladders, hoops and cones in the wagon. You just have to set up a fun obstacle course!  You could do a round with balls and a round without, with passing sections where they can't dribble.  Be creative!  Don't forget to demo what you want the kids to do each round.

Pirate Pete  -  #7 Amanda / Whitney  &  #11 Roy / Kyle
You will need to get the parents to play for this station. Divide the players (with their parent) into two teams. Put one team in pinnies.  Player and parent will be partners who are passing the ball to each other in a line to create a "channel".
One team has to run through the channel to get to the treasure (soccerballs).  I will bring out extra soccer balls for you to use in addition to your own.
The other team is kicking/passing across the channel, trying to hit the other team with the ball (below the knee) as they run through.
If players get struck by the ball they have to go back and try again.
When players get to the treasure they bring a piece back to their ship (they can carry or dribble the ball depending on their level).
Players change roles after a set time. Count the pieces of treasure that each team collects.
To make it easier, players can roll the ball rather than kick it.

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