Sunday, June 7, 2015

U13 practice #8

Focus this week is possession and off ball movement.   Pick one and run with it, pick a couple, pick none and choose your own practice.  Perhaps there is something specific you would like to work on.

Warm up:
part 1:  working on ball control & touch
(avoid the heading portion)

part 2: dribbling with moves warm up
just pick a couple of aspects of this to build on and practice from last week

part 3: triangle game:

play 3 or 4 touch and work on width and depth
add alleys (play alley soccer) on the side to force width, having to play/pass into alley before attempting to score.

technical drills:

spacial awareness: working on getting open and finding your man

movement off the ball:
two teams playing in grid, two balls, one per team pass and move.  The session moves to using more than one ball per team to increase awareness and off ball runs.

attacking overloads:

4 corner possession game 

to work on possession and combination plays:

GAME:  two teams one ball and play

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