Sunday, June 14, 2015

U4/5 and U6 Practice #8 June 17/15

Hello Coaches!  I can't believe that it is the last week of soccer already and that I am writing my last blog post for you.  
Thank you ALL for making this such a FANTASTIC season.  I have truly enjoyed working with such an enthusiastic bunch.  This is one lucky group of kids to have received such great coaching all season long :)

Please note that Saturday is the Wind Up.  Please remind parents and players that the schedule is on the RYSA website

Teams will be playing 3 games, followed by awards and snacks.
U4/5 plays 9:00-9:55, followed by awards at 10:05 and snacks at 10:25.
U6 plays 9:15-10:25, followed by awards at 10:30 and snacks at 10:50.

Coaches, if you cannot be at the wind up please ensure that YOU have found someone to cover your coaching duties for that morning.  Thank you!

Now onto our last practice!  For today, pick your (and the kids) favourites from the season and execute!! :)  I have listed a brief format with some of my favourites that you can reference from prior posts if you are stuck.  The number in brackets is the week's # post where you can find details if you can't quite remember the specifics.  And, whatever you do, HAVE FUN :)

A Tag Game - Freeze Tag (1), Donkey Tails (5), Blob Tag (6)
Obstacle Course
Indy 500 (1) or Red Light/Green Light (1) or Dribble Through the Jungle (2)
Clean Your Messy Room (2) or Hit the Coach (4)
Swamps and Crocs (4) or Sleeping Bear (6)
Shark (1) or Shark Attack (6)
Game time at 4:35 pm

A Tag Game - same as U4/5 above
Obstacle Course (could be ran as a relay race) or Musical Balls/Coach Says (5)
Clean Your Room (2) or PacMan (4) or Hit the Coach (4)
Turn and Burn (6) or Triangle Challenge (6)
Shark (1) or Shark Attack (6)
Numbers Game with 1 Net (4) or Chain Soccer (2)
Game time at 5:40 pm.  I will be evaluating players for reference as they move up into U8 next year, so will be around to your teams at this time with some questions for you.

Thank you again for giving up your time to these kids and the beautiful game. I hope the experience has been a positive one for you.  ANY feedback, good, bad or otherwise, is appreciated so that we can make improvements to the program for next year.  You can send this to me via email at, or via the RYSA Feedback Form


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