Sunday, June 7, 2015

U6 Crazy Hair Day & Stations June 10/15

Its Crazy Hair Day!  Time to get out those wigs and hairspray and make yourself a crazy hair-do :)

Stations this week, we will move clockwise.  Stations for the first 42 minutes and then move to games as usual.  Horn will go at 5pm and then every 7 minutes after that.  Have fun!

Shark  -  Cindy / Callum
Mark out a grid.  Players are the "fish" and line up on one end of the grid with soccer balls.  Coach is the "shark" and is in the centre of the grid.  When coach calls out "Shark!" players try to get to the other side without getting tagged by the shark.  If player is tagged by a shark, they become a shark too.  Another version to play is that players are dribbling around in the grid and they must perform 5 toe taps or 5 tick-tocks if the shark gets their ball.  My favourite way to play is knockout style though.  The shark is trying to kick player's balls out of the grid, and when this happens they become a shark too and also kick other player's balls out of the grid. The game ends when only one player is left with a ball and this player gets to be the shark for the next game.

Moving Goal  -  Joel / Amy
Play in a slightly larger grid than you normally would.  Coaches will hold a pinnie between them as a crossbar (there will be larger adult-sized ones in the wagon for this, grab 2 for your team) and move as the goal around the grid. Alternate the pace at which you move from time-to-time.   Players try to score on the moving goal.  Play the activity with each player having a ball, in pairs or split them into 2 teams.  If playing as teams, then use one ball and the team in possession tries to score and the other team defends until they can get the ball.
Could have a couple of "moving goals" if you have willing parents.

Numbers Game  -  Brock / Tayla
Set up a small grid with goals at each end.  Separate players into 2 teams lined up at each end near the goal.  Place yourself at the centreline with a stash of balls.  Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player on each team must race into the field where the ball is played. Players are trying to score if they have the ball or get the ball if they are not the first one to get it.  Encourage celebrations after a goal!  Progress to 2 or 3 players and/or add a goalkeeper depending on your numbers.  Alternate version is to call out names of players (if you happen to know them) to switch up the challenging pairs.  If numbers are low, ask the parents to play as the opposing number for their child.

Relay/Obstacle Course  -  Pat / Jennifer
I think the kids are ready for a challenge to take on each other relay-style.  I will bring out extra equipment in the wagon for you to create an obstacle course / relay course.  Try to incorporate a pass or a shot on net if you can.

Parents vs Kids  -  Shawn / Gavin
Set up your grid with 4-6 goals around the outside.  Have a parents vs kids match to see who can score the most goals in 1 minute.  All the kids are in goal with parents shooting first, then switch.  Shots must be taken on a different goal each time.

Red Light, Green Light and Other Stuff  -  Josie / Brodie
Players move around the grid dribbling the ball – when coach shouts red light players stop. Green light players go. Go speeding – players go faster. Crash - players dive on their ball.  Be creative, yellow light slow down etc... Can incorporate calls from last week's "Don't Crash the Car" as well.

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