Monday, May 19, 2014

U6 week 4 - May 21

Hey coaches, great job on the stations last week.  The kids had a super fun time from the feedback I got!  This week it's just you and your kids at your little field!  Games as usual at the end.
Please note all teams have pictures this week.
Please note that this Saturday is super soccer Saturday!!!  Let your parents and kids know about it.  Lots of games and fun with mixed teams in a world cup format.  RYSA does snacks and it's just all about having fun.  The U6's will be from 9-10am.

Theme:  shooting
coaching points:

-non kicking/planting foot next to ball
-non kicking/planting foot pointing at target
-strike ball with laces, toe pointed down and ankle locked

Warm up:  Coach says Simon says.  toe taps, dribbling, tic tocs, knee to ball, head to ball etc...get creative

Obstacle Course....because they loved it last week!
I'll have the wagon filled with fun, pull out what you like.

4 goal shooting
Make 4 goals on each side of the grid (use goals, cones or grab a couple of arches which I will bring to the field).  Put parents/coaches in goals and then have the kids work on dribbling around and shooting on each goal.  Count how many times you score!  Encourage scoring on all goals.  Use this opportunity to work on some technique.

Clean your Room
two teams
20x20 grid split in half
each team starts with same amount of balls, on go they must keep the balls (laundry) out of their room by kicking them into the other teams grid.  When coach says stop, players freeze count up the balls to see who wins (least amount of balls/laundry in grid wins).  Play again!

The coaches or two soccer buddies hold a foam noodle or rope or corner flag pole to make a ‘crossbar’ and they move as the goal around the grid (we will use pinnies). They should alternate the pace at which they move from time-to-time. The activity can be played with each player having a ball or in pairs or as small teams of four. The players try to score on the moving goal. If playing as teams then use one ball and the team in possession tries to score and the other team defends until they can get the ball.
Could have a couple of "moving goals" and then the other pairs/individuals try to score on those 2 "moving goals".  Then switch.
Dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting are practiced in a realistic manner. All of the physical demands of soccer are met in the activity. In the team version of the activity transition occurs. In the
7 pairs and team version there may be changing the point of attack, combination play and communication. In all versions of the activity field vision is improved. This is a highly motivating activity.
Play in a designated grid or in one third or one half of the field. The grid size is dependent on the number of players in the activity and/or their abilities.

Lay off Drill
One or two (two lines if two coaches or use a parent) lines of kids facing you with the ball, the goal is behind you the coach.  Player passes ball to coach and then runs to receive a lay off/ wall/ give and go pass from the coach, they then shoot on net.  Retrieve ball and give it to goalie, the shooter then goes into goal.

numbers game-one net...focus shooting
(Active start plan 3)
Set up a small grid with goal at one end.  Separate players into 2 teams lined up on each side of goal.  Place two cones just a bit further than shooting distance even with corners of goal, and place yourself between with a stash of balls.  Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player on each team must race around the cones into the field where a ball is played. Players are trying to both defend and score on the same net. Encourage celebrations after a goal! Progress to 2 or 3 players. Add a goalkeeper (might just keep it at one number (set of players) coming out at a time)


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