Sunday, May 11, 2014

U10 practice #3

Theme:  ball control

-be in ready/athletic position, balls of feet
-get in line with the flight of the ball
-early selection of playing surface
-make first touch playable, not too far ahead

**when working on passing and control off a pass on the ground, work on receiving with one foot and passing with the other**
(-receive with side of the foot, firm ankle; thigh, cushion; chest, collapse chest etc...)

Warm up:  Passing Grid (have many cones around each side of the grid)
Working in pairs, pass and move....after you pass the ball turn and run around any cone on the outside then change of pace to cut and receive a pass from partner, keeping the ball under close control and having good first touch.  Lots of talk!

Agility:  We will have different agility equipment in the wagon or create something with cones.
Ladder ideas:
add on a pass at the end of the agility section...where you pass them a ball and then they receive and return to you.

Game:  end zone soccer
Create a playing field with an end zone at each end instead of a goal (it should run the width of the field), player play a regular scrimmage but in order to score they must receive the ball from a team mate anywhere in the end zone and control it.  (no throw ins, just pass ins from the side line).  Somewhat similar to ultimate but you don't change ends after scoring.

Circle receiving drill
Half players on outside (of circle) with balls, half on inside of circle no balls.  OR if not enough to do this, have half of players put on pinnies and scatter around grid as servers.  Players on inside make cuts to ball, receive a pass, control the pass and in two touches pass back to outside player, then cut and call for a new ball.  Switch inside to outside and do same (or servers and non servers).  Switch again, try one touch passing.  Switch once more, working on higher balls, thigh height (have players toss ball) work on control (getting foot up to control ball not off leg) and then bring it down and pass back to outside

First touch and pass drill
This may be more challenging for some, get them to just start slow and get faster as they can.  I would make two lines of cones, line up on opposite ends of two lines so they are working both feet and less standing.

In this video they play teams of three but could be teams of four or however many you need per team

Four corners 1v1 attack
Focus: ball control and receiving the ball under pressure

Six players needed. Four of the players take a spot on the corners of a 15 x 15 yard grid. Two players go inside the grid and will be playing 1v1. Two of the corner players have a ball. One player in the middle is designated the attacking player to start.
Attacking player makes a run to a corner player to receive a ball that has been tossed by the corner player. The first touch is FREE. A point is scored when an inside player receives a ball and passes the ball to a corner player who doesn’t have a ball. Then the attacking player runs to the corner player who has the second ball and repeats. If the defending player wins the ball, then that player becomes the attacker. Rotate the players after 1 minute.

***If you need something more basic....pairs passing working on two touch, receive with one foot pass with the other (it's faster!!!).  Have them working on this through gates or arches so they are also working on aim, score a point if it goes through the arch/gate

Game:  scrimmage play regular rules of soccer in a small sided game on a smaller field.  Remember to coach ball control!

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