Sunday, May 11, 2014

U4/5 stations & wacky Wed dress up day - May 14

Stations day:  The horn will go at 4:00 and then every 7ish minutes to change stations.  Double horn at the end.  Don't forget to have a cheer with your own team before snack!  The first station is your own and then at 4:07ish your team will move to the next station so get them going quick!
One coach should run the station and the other coach or a parent can help move the group from station to station.  Teams 1-6 will rotate clockwise around their stations on the road side of the field and teams 7-12 will rotate clockwise around their stations.

Obstacle Course - (Sheena & Callum), (John M)
I will bring out hurdles, ladders, hoops, cones in the wagon, set up a fun obstacle course.  You could do a round with balls and a round without, with passing sections where they can't dribble.  Be creative!

Shark - (Jesse & Olivia), (Vanessa & Steph)

(where if they have their ball taken away by you they become a shark with you) play it British Bull dog style where all the fish have to get to the reef on the other side without the shark getting their ball...if you the shark gets their ball then they become a shark with you.  Fish swim when the sharks call out SHARK!!
(Byte Sized Coaching Binder:  Square Dance with Sharks)
where everyone dribbles in the grid and you try and steal their ball (kick it out) have them do a crazy activity before they can come back in.

Indy 500 - (Kerby & Travis), (Kurt & Hayley) 

(can be found in Active Start plan 2)
Creat an oval race track that kids&parents can run/drive around, with your cones and a square "pit" on one side with all the balls. "Start your engines"
Players start from “Pit row” with parents. Player starts by exiting the pits and dribbling the ball in a clockwise direction around the track following their parent. If the ball exits the track they must make 3 toe taps on the ball to restart the engine. Parent and player can switch roles with child following parents. Encourage players to make “Vroom! Vroom!” car sounds while driving!
**Easier – run the track first with no balls.**good idea so they understand the boundary and then make the next lap with balls. Easier – players carry ball in hands and run around track Harder – Have players drive the truck on their own. Harder – Switch directions and have drivers go counter-clockwise. Harder – Change direction before completing circuit on coaches’ command

Swamps & Crocs (Josie & Sarra) (Teria & Matt)

Crocs and Swamps
video in the ACTIVE START curriculum!!!  Watch it!
make a line of cones heading towards the net, the kids need to pass to parent/coach and not hit the crocs (cones) and then shoot on net (use cones or grab a couple of arches which I will bring to the field).  Put parents/coaches in goals and then have the kids work on passing around/past the crocs/cones and shooting on each goal.  Count how many times you score!

Nuts & Squirrels- (Shendra & Josiane), (Blair & Pat)

(can be found in Active Start plans session 1)
15 x 15 grid - 4 small goals or "hoarding areas/trees" on sides or corners of grid.....all balls (nuts) in middle of grid.  Kids (squirrels) in pairs or 3's depending on numbers in each goal/hoarding area.  Coach shouts "go" players take turns running into the middle and dribbling back a ball back hoarding area (trying to get as many nuts as they can), when there are no balls left in the middle coach yells "steal" or something else appropriate and then they may try and steal nuts from anywhere (other hoarding areas).  No defending the nuts!

Game - Steph & Quentin, Brittany & Christina
Create a small field so you will need to make sure you have two goals.  Divide kids onto two teams and give one set pinnies and play soccer (have parents stationed around the outside of the field to keep ball in the field of play).  Feel free to add a second ball if needed but try and keep it to one since it will only be 6 kids playing.  Put parents in goal and encourage dramatic saves and misses!

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