Sunday, May 4, 2014

U-8 Week 2 May 6-8

U- 8
Boys will be playing at Mt. View this week.
Girls are at Bronco Field as usual.

Yikes! I forgot to mention that  games this season will be starting at 5:20. This will give you time to review skills for this week (passing) and do a warm up activity.
1) Warmup:  pairs of players passing ball within a grid. Have players stop and do jumping jacks, burpees, etc. periodically. 
2) Activity: do one of the activities listed below such as passing cones game.
3) Get ready to have some fun playing

Well done everyone with your participation in the soccer clinic. Players and coaches proved once again that they are resilient and are willing to put up with all sorts of weather to play this great game.

Great start to the season last week. Wonderful seeing coaches arriving early to team sessions to set up and greet the kids. Kids love it when you know their names and they know each other’s names. It makes them feel like part of the team and that they are noticed. J  Thanks for sticking with the weekly themes during the team sessions. Feel free to add an activity you like that fits with the theme. This year we are continuing to play short sided games. Ensure you give enough time to play a short game after warm up and at the end of the team session.

Theme/Focus: Dribbling
Key coaching points:

Non kicking foot next to ball, pointing towards target. 
Solid ankle. 
Strike ball with side of foot.
Follow through toward target
And when passing accuracy more important than power.

Warmup (5-10 minutes)

Simon Says. Use a way to warm up body. Include movements up and down, change in direction. Check out video for great ideas.

Pac ManGird (15x15), all kids have ball and try to hit you with a pass (you don't want to be hit).  Working on good passing technique.  You may have to create a zone for you that the kids can't enter (small square in middle of grid and then move to no square and everyone moving).
(this video all demos passing technique with cues.

Game: 5-10 minutes
4 v 4. To score you must pass ball over end line to receiving player.
Focus on passing. Praise players who are passing well and correct periodically to help them improve their passing skills and decisions.

Technical Activities. 20-25 minutes
Choose 3 or so activities.

Passing through cones. A good drill to review the skills of passing.

Passing Cone game.
20X30 grid.  2 players to a ball.  At least 6 goals spread around grid (2 cones 3m apart). Pairs of players pass ball through cones. Start without having time challenge. Can progress to seeing how many “goals” scored in one minute. Check out video.

Passing and Receiving Triangles
Simple drill passing and following your pass.  Working on receiving with one foot and passing with the other.
Just watch video to get idea of pattern of drill...

Passing - with feeders
20x20/15x15 grid.  Put half the kids in pinnies (they are the feeders to start) and have feeders spread out around the grid.  The other kids are receivers, they cut to a ball and call for a pass, receive pass and pass it back to feeder, then cut to a new ball.  (good time to talk about weight of pass and appropriate passing distance (DEMO this)).  Then switch the feeders and the receivers.

Game: 5-10 minutes
4 vs 4 Regular rules. Focus on passing. Praise players who are passing well and correct when needed to help them improve their passing skills and decisions. 

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