Sunday, June 8, 2014

U4/5 Week 7 Stations & Crazy Hair Day

Hey coaches, get out your wigs, your hair dye, sprays and gels and get on that crazy lid!!!  It's crazy hair day!
We'll do stations again this week, it will work exactly the same as last week, with groups 1-6 doing a set of stations and groups 7-12 doing a set of stations.  If you have two coaches, have one coach the station and the other take your team around.  If you are solo, find an able parent to herd them to the next station, help with names and help motivate the group.  We will move clockwise at the horn.
The horn will go at 4pm and then every 7-ish minutes after that.  No games this week as there is a scrimmage station built into the event.  Double horn at the end signalling the end of the stations and time to move to snack and don't forget to cheer!!  And most of all have fun!  :)

Station - Pirate Pete   (Josie & Sarra, Teria & Matt)
this is in the Active Start curriculum package

Divide the players into two teams. Put the teams in two different pinnie colors. One team has to run through the channel to get to the treasure (balls). The other team kicks/passes across the channel to partner trying to hit the other team with the ball below the knee as they run through. If players get struck by the ball they have to go back and try again. When players get to treasure (Ball) they bring back a piece back to their ship (they can dribble or carry it depending on their level). Players change roles after a set time. Count the pieces (Balls) each team collects.
Variations Easier (U4): Players can role the ball rather than kick it. Players can carry treasure back in their hands. Parents can help. Harder: Players can shoot the ball. Players can dribble both ways with the ball.

Station  - Red Light, Green light and a whole lot more lights and stuff  (Vanessa & Steph, Olivia & Jesse)

Players move around the grid dribbling the ball – when coach shouts red light players stop. Green light players go. Go speeding – players go faster. Crash - players dive on their ball.  Be creative, yellow light slow down etc...

Station - Scrimmage/Game (or some form of the numbers choose)  (Kerby & Travis, Hayley & Kurt)
You can just divide the team up and play a mini game (use your pinnies) or get a parent to help and play the numbers game, whichever you would prefer to coach.

Set up a small grid, depending on number of players. Separate players/parents into 2 teams. Number players 1,2,3,4,5 etc. Call out a number. That numbered player/parent combo from each team enters into the field to challenge for the ball. Players try to score on opposing side while defending their own side. Parents and players not called can act as goalies on their side.

Station - Nuts & Squirrels (John M & Michelle, Sheena & Calum)
Get a parent to help at the squirrel house.  Do a round of dribbling and a round of passing.  You probably only need 3 houses max, feel free to snag nets for each house.
15 x 15 grid - 4 small goals or "hoarding areas/trees" on sides or corners of grid.....all balls (nuts) in middle of grid.  Kids (squirrels) in pairs or 3's depending on numbers in each goal/hoarding area.  Coach shouts "go" players take turns running into the middle and dribbling back a ball back hoarding area (trying to get as many nuts as they can), when there are no balls left in the middle coach yells "steal" or something else appropriate and then they may try and steal nuts from anywhere (other hoarding areas).  No defending the nuts!

Station - Obstacle Course (Blaire & Pat, Shendra & Josiane)
Grab a bunch of fun stuff from the wagon and be creative...have a theme if you want....or just have fun.  You may want to make two obstacle courses, one with balls and one without.

Station - Clean your Room (Brittany& Christina, Natalie & Quentin)
two teams
20x20 grid split in half
each team starts with same amount of balls, on go they must keep the balls (laundry) out of their room by kicking them into the other teams grid.  When coach says stop, players freeze count up the balls to see who wins (least amount of balls/laundry in grid wins).  Play again!

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