Monday, June 16, 2014

U -8 Week 8

Last week of soccer!  Please remind players and parents that Saturday is the wind up.  U8 girls  runs from 9-10:10 at BVE while the boys play 9:15 to 10:25 am with awards and snack to follow.  Check out  for schedule.

Coaches, if you can not be at the wind up on Saturday please find someone who will look after and coach your team.

Last practice!  Have fun!  Here is the plan. This week you will be putting all the skills together. For each specific skill activity remind the players of the proper technique. It has been wonderful seeing all the progress they have made this year.  

Warm up - Foxes & Farmers or Donkey tails (5-10 minutes) Great way to get players warmed up.
add chickens to get some dribbling and sheilding

Game - 5-10 minutes. Coaches join in and play. 

Wacky Driving Drill - dribbling. Check out video for building dribbling skills. Kids will like it!

Passing - Circle Drill
-watch the whole video as the drill changes slightly and Tony Waiters is a fantastic coach

Numbers game - You can't go wrong with this attacking and defending game.

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