Monday, June 16, 2014

U -10 Week 8

Last week of soccer!  Please remind players and parents that Saturday is the wind up.  U10 girls play from 11 to 12:25 on Bronco field while the boys play 10:30 to 11:55 am with awards and snack to follow.  Check out  for schedule.

Coaches, if you can not be at the wind up on Saturday please find someone who will look after and coach your team.

Last practice!  Have fun!  Here is the plan. 

Girls: Mixed Games on Thursday.
Warm Up: 10 minutes
Agility - do your favourite ladder and hurdle activities.
Have a quick game of shark.
Have each team give up 2 to 3 players to make 4 teams. Play 7 v 7 or 8 v 8.
Use large nets and full field. 
Each game 15 minutes long. Each team plays other teams once (3 games for each team)

Practice plan for boys and purple girls team. This week you will be putting all the skills together. For each specific skill activity remind the players of the proper technique. It has been wonderful seeing all the progress they have made this year.  

Warm up- 
Agility: Do your favourite ladder and hurdle drills, try to incorporate a pass or a shot within the agility. Try this fun version of Pac Man

Game: Have coach(es) join players in a short game.

Dribbling - gates game, use gates or cones for this drill

Passing -  Passing & Support – Square to Sqaure  
Organization: Divide players into groups of four, Set-up area 20x10m
· One group in possession against one opponent in one 10x10m square.
· One square vacant to begin with.
Coaching Points:
· Accurate passes with good ball speed.
· Open your body to the play when receiving a pass.
· Support in triangles – wide and deep.
· Don’t support too close to the ball. Remember: distance = time.
1. Two groups compete against one another as follows: Four red players v 1 white player in a one square, with three white players resting outside the square at the halfway line. The coach serves the ball to the red team and they must make at least three passes after which they can pass the ball into the next square for one of the group to run onto. If successful all four red players move into the next square and, again try to get at least three passes and play back into the original square. If the red team is successful the defending white player steps out and a new defender enters the next square attempting to win the ball. If the red team should pass the ball out of bounds, or the defender wins the ball, the coach serves the next ball into the other square to the white players and one of the reds becomes a defender, while the other rest outside the area. Every successful movement from one square to the next = 1 point. First team to 10 points is the winner.
Progression: As above but 3v1 in one square, with fourth player in other square. Switch squares with a pass to the fourth player.

Attacking and defending.  Can't go wrong with the numbers game.

Shooting - 5 shot drill - hitting a moving ball (don't worry about hitting pinnies)
If you have two coaches you could have each coach look after half the team on a net so more players are practicing.

Game - inter-squad scrimmage 15 minutes

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