Sunday, June 8, 2014

U10 week 7 June 10 & 12

U10 girls:  either defending from last week or attacking from this week, depending on where you are in the practice plans.
U10 boys:  
Theme:  Attacking

-attack with speed
-have good first touch
-keep ball close
-attack weak side if you know it
-try and catch them flat footed
-exploit them if too close

Warm Up: Dribble grid.  Players spread out in 15X15 grid. Dribbling, toe taps/storks, fancy moves & fakes, tic-tocs, turns etc....
Play a game of shark. Mark each corner with different colored cones. Players dribbling in grid, coaches or players tries to win ball from fish. 20 toe touches or storks if shark attack is successful. To give players an opportunity to work on their offensive skills, when coach yells a specific color players must dribble to that colored corner trying to get past sharks.  Incorporate dynamic stretches within activity as needed (once everyone is in the blue lagoon corner do 20 high knees ..)  Maybe show them a few fancy moves or how to do a fake.
(I'll have some additional coloured cones in the wagon)
(lots of ideas in the video)

Do some agility if you feel like you have not done any of late.

Game:  Play small sided scrimmage but coach attacking.  We're also going to work on the attacking principal of width and play alley soccer.
Create two alleys on either side of your field
Working on width.  Can not check the allies or go in the allies, only ally players can be in the alley.  If you are short on numbers have one person play in the ally and play to whomever passed them the ball or have a coach in one alley doing this and then two players in the other alley.  In order to try and score the team must complete one pass to the alley

Grid 1v1 attack drill.
Grid, many small goals, attackers in pinnies. Play 1v1 with attackers trying to score on as many small goals as they can in a minute.  If defender wins ball, they get a point.  Change attackers to defender, change partners etc...

1v1 Kings court activity
create enough small grids (all side by side) for each pairing
in grid play 1v1 for a time limit (2 minutes?), with the defender passing to the attacker and attacker trying to score by stopping ball on defenders line.  Have them keep score.  Choose one end to be the kings court (have person that won stay put in this grid) and on the opposite end of your line of grids have the looser stay put.  Have all others move according to if they have won or lost winners move one grid up towards kings court and all losers move down towards the looser (for lack of better word) court.

1v1 attack on goal, moving to 2v1 attack on goal
Have defending line next to goal with balls, they pass out to attacking line and then it's 1v1 with attackers trying to score on goal.  Call dead if defender successfully wins the ball.  Or try the format in the video
Move to a second attacking line and then it's 2v1 or try this version of 2v1
or 2v2

Attacking Attack - players like this activity.
Divide team into attackers and defenders. Match an attacker with a defender. Place all players in the 18 yard box. One coach is situated on each side of 18 yard box. They distribute balls into the box and attackers try to create an opportunity to score while the defenders try to get the ball out of 18. Distribute balls to different areas of 18 yard box. Key coaching points: attack the ball, look for shooting opportunities.


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