Monday, June 16, 2014

U4/5 Soccer week 8: June 18th

Hi coaches!  This is the last week of soccer!  Please note that Saturday is the wind up.  Please remind parents and players that the schedule is on the RYSA website
U4/5's play 3 games from 9-9:55 then have awards after this and snack.  All should be said and done by around 10:30.

Coaches if you can not be at the wind up please ensure YOU have found someone to cover your coaching duties for that morning.  Thank you!

Pick a few of these for practice today, or any of your other favourite drills!
Thank you again for giving up your time to these kids and the beautiful game we hope the experience has been positive!

Warm up:
Grid, everyone has a ball except person who is it.
Soccer tag.  All kids dribble around grid.  If person who is it tags you, you freeze and put foot on the ball (legs apart) to become unfrozen someone has to kick a ball through your legs or dribble up and kiss their ball to yours.

Kick the Coach
In your grid the kids try to kick their ball and kick the coach, if they get you they can tell you what animal you will act out until next kid hits them with ball.  :) Have fun!  Can adjust to kick the parent too!

have many cones, pinnies etc...laid out in your grid they need to get to the other side without having a volcano erupt on them (or make the cones whatever you like).....put a goal at the other end and have them shoot when they get through the volcano field.
From here move to topsy turvy.  Have half the cones standing normally and the other half knocked down or upside down.  Split group, half are topsy (they have to stand the cones up), half are turvy (they have to knock them down or put them upside down) all while dribbling a soccer ball around the grid.

Sharks.  Play a game of sharks, british bull dog style....where all kids/fishies with balls have to swim to the other side of the grid to the safety of the reef so the shark won't eat them.  If shark get their ball they become a shark.

Nuts and Squirrels or Rock soccer.  Balls in the middle, teams, one at a time they go into middle to get ball and bring back to house (coned area).  After all balls are gone, they can go and steal from others.

Clean your room.
Divide grid in half, divide kids in half....keep your room clean by kicking balls (laundry, toys, garbage etc...) to other side of grid.

1v1 plus attack
Either play numbers game or call names of two or more people who go and battle it out and try to score on goal.  Ensure kids know which goal they are trying to score on.

Games, Cheers, Snacks!!!!

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