Sunday, June 9, 2013

U8 practice plans - June 11/13

Focus skill: off ball movement & concept of wall pass/give and go
Much of the game of soccer is spent without a ball so the idea of moving into space to receive a ball is very important.
Some of these drills will be challenging for this age group....if needed modify accordingly.

Warm up & agility:  Obstacle course use the arches, ladders, hurdles and cones and create an obstacle course that uses balls and no balls.  So have a section where they start with balls and then they pass the ball to coach/parent and then "move" through a section without the ball (ladders for example) looking to receive their ball in a new spot of the course.  You could have a couple of these pass off sections for a non ball section of obstacle creative.

Game:  Alley soccer - coaching the concept of width but also passing to outside and then moving to receive the ball again.  Set up field with two alleys on each side of your field.  Have one person for each team in the alleys, no checking in the alleys and only designated players can be in the alley.  They must use the alley before they can attempt to score (you will need to coach this).  If short on numbers have a coach play one alley and then they play back to the team that gave them the ball.  The designated alley players stay in the alley until coach switches them.

Technical session:

-Grid with cones on the edges.  In pairs they pass to their partner and then run (med speed) to cone on outside go around it and then cut at speed for a pass from their partner.  Worry more about running around cone and cutting for a new pass into space.  Make rid quite large so that there is lots of room to work with.

-Passing and Moving Drill (working on following your pass and opening up as you receive...first drill on link only)

-Basic Give and Go Drill
Start with a "dummy" defender/cone...move to live defender.  Have them shoot after wall pass.
move to this drill

Game:  inter-squad scrimmage, two teams, two goals, regular pass and move

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