Sunday, June 16, 2013

U4/5 practice - week of June16

Just a reminder that this is the final week of soccer.  Wednesday we will do a final round of stations and then play your games.  Saturday morning is the wind up, games, awards and food!  Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into soccer this year - the kids were fortunate to have such a strong group of coaches, WELL DONE!!
For the stations, if you have two coaches one can coach the station and one can take the group around or whatever works for you, an able bodied parent can take the group around too.
I will have a key this week so we will have access to hoops and hurdles etc....and the horn which will go every 7 minutes to switch stations.  There will be a double horn to get going and a double horn to switch to games.

Pirate Pete - Pat/Lili  &  Megan & Mark

(can be found in Active start program)
Divide the players into two teams. Put the teams in two different pinnie colors. One team has to run through the channel to get to the treasure (balls). The other team kicks the ball to the player running through the channel mate trying to hit the other team with the ball below the knee as they run through. If players get struck by the ball they have to go back and try again. When players get to treasure (Ball) they bring back a piece back to their ship. Players change roles after a set time. Count the pieces (Balls) each team collects.
Variations Easier (U4): Players can role the ball rather than kick it. Players can carry treasure back in their hands. Parents can help. Harder (U6): Players can shoot the ball. Players can dribble both ways with the ball.
coaching points for passing:
-non kicking/planting foot next to ball
-non kicking/planting foot pointing at target
-strike ball with side of foot with ankle locked

Swamps & Crocs - Meghan M/Kelly   &   Kris/Danica

Obstacle course - Jocelyn/Dan/Elmer & Steph/Nikki  - get some hoops, hurdles and ladders from storage, use your cones, pinnies etc...& make a theme, jungle, dessert island, space etc.... and do it up - have fun!

Donkey Tails & Freeze Tag - Patrick   &   Alei/Jessa
-get half the kids to tuck pinnies into their shorts as tails - other half chase and try to get the tails, if you get a tail put it into your shorts like a tail and the person who lost their tail becomes a chaser

This week for games try and play with one ball.  You might have to play two smaller games if you have a lot of kids.  Keep a large supply at hand so you can roll the next ball in when one goes out of play etc...

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