Monday, May 20, 2013

U-6 Stations Day

U 6   Stations 

A reminder of U6-8 coaches course this upcoming Saturday from 12:30 to 3:30. 

I did not think that princesses and pirates were such good soccer players.

The focus this week is shooting.
To work on these skills we will be doing stations. 
Kendra is away for a couple of weeks and I (Rory) am excited to be at your practices. 

Each Coach will run one station for the entire time.   Please arrive with enough time to set up your station.  I will switch the stations every 8 minutes. There will not be a game at the end of the session. Rather, each team will have an opportunity to play a scrimmage as part of the stations. Use parents to help move kids to next station and participate where necessary.  If you are coaching your child and they don't feel they can move through stations with another parent or the other coach on your team, just keep them with you until they are comfortable to move on.  Remember to walk or jog the boundary of your area/drill with kids.  Have players partner up with their caregiver for any partner activities.  At end of session we will have snack and social. 

Coaching points for shooting:
-non kicking/planting foot next to ball
-non kicking/planting foot pointing at target
-strike ball with laces, toe pointed down and ankle locked.

1) Pac Man Gird (15x15)  Kristine and Bonnie
 all kids have ball and try to hit you with a pass (you don't want to be hit).  Working on good passing technique.  You may have to create a zone for you that the kids can't enter (small square in middle of grid and then move to no square and everyone moving).
(this video all demos passing technique with cues.

2) Agility:  Follow the Coach  (Peter and Eleanor)
Each child partners with his/her parent and finds space inside the playing area not too close to other pairs. As well as being purposeful each exercise described should be treated as fun/inventive and is performed alternately by the child and parent together. Jogging forward – child follows parent – parent weaves around the area. As coach shouts change they quickly switch roles
As above but skipping, hopping (one foot), bunny hopping (two foot) giant steps, walking backwards
Coach calls out commands, touch ground with hand, sit down, stand up, dive and roll on ground etc

3) Swamps and Crocodiles   (James)
(remember the video from the Active start course....)
see byte sized coaching
make two lines of cones heading towards the net, the players need to pass to parent/coach and not hit the crocs (cones) and then shoot on net.  Run and grab your ball from the net.  Make the net the island where the treasure is and they have to get to the Island to get the treasure without a croc getting them...because Pirates are very afraid of crocs!!!!!

4) Topple me Coconuts  (Marek and Koreen)
(Active Start session 8 and there is video too)
Split players into 2 teams and have them line-up as shown below. Place balls on top of cones like coconuts. Ask players to alternate making passes/shots to try and knock the ball off of a cone. If a player is successful they can go and retrieve both balls (THE TREASURE!) and bring them back to their side. Encourage celebrations!

5) Pirate Pete (Active start, coach demo)    (Natalie and Alexis)
Divide the players into two teams. Put the teams in two different pinnie colors. One team has to run through the channel to get to the treasure (balls). The other team kicks the ball to their team mate trying to hit the other team with the ball below the knee as they run through. If players get struck by the ball they have to go back and try again. When players get to treasure (Ball) they bring back a peace back to their ship. Players change roles after a set time. Count the pieces (Balls) each team collects.
Harder (U6): Players can shoot the ball. Players can dribble both ways with the ball.

6) Scrimmage  (Vanita and Blake)
Try and encourage passing to team mates.  Play 3 v 3 can have parents play dramatic goal.

Have fun!

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