Sunday, May 19, 2013

U 10/13 Boys and Girls Practice #4

U 10 and U13  May 21 and 23  Practice #4

Please remind players of Super Soccer Saturday this upcoming Saturday.
U 10-13 coaches clinic from 9 - noon on Saturday.

Great work so far coaches and players!
Kendra is away for the next couple of weeks. I (Rory Luxmoore) am excited to spend some time with you and your team. 

John and I thank all the U-13 players and coaches for allowing us to talk to you about how to play soccer safely and fairly and to remind players that there is no slide tackling. 

I would like to talk to the U-10 boys and girls at the beginning of their practice this week. 

U-10 Boys Note: Coaches please follow plan below. Team 3 will be practicing on Thursday. 
U-10 Girls Note: On Thursday Teams will be playing small sided mixed games focusing on shooting.
      On Tuesday Team 3 will follow shooting practice plan below.
U-13 Boys and Girls  Note: Alan Chell will be the Guest coach this week helping out the teams and most likely running one activity you can cycle through after your warm ups.  

Theme:  shooting
Objective:  learning or perfecting proper shooting technique

I will set up two agility stations for you to use (set of ladders and hurdles).
We will run a station on shooting that teams can cycle through. Your team can come after warm up. 
Feel free to include your favourite shooting activity, but ensure you move them along quickly if lines involved.  Make sure you are using goalies so that they can practice their goalie skills from last week.
By the end of the session we hope the players have a good understanding of the mechanics of shooting a moving ball and have had many opportunities to practice the skill. 

Coaching points:
-planting foot pointing at the target
-planting foot next to ball if too far back, ball will go up because you will be forced to lean
-striking ball with inside laces, toe pointed down ankle locked
-knee over ball (of striking foot)
-shoulder over the ball (head down as striking)
-quick snap and follow through
-always strike a moving  ball

Here is a different warm up you may want to try or you could have them warm up with touches of the ball by doing a dribbling grid. 
Warm up- dynamic warm up
Form two groups with one group in each channel (lines). They can be outlined with cones.
Players carry out the dynamic movements as they move the length of the channel.
Then jog back along the outside of the channel to the starting position
Points to Stress:
Carry out the exercises at a jogging pace, initially.
Exaggerate the movements to get a full range of motion
Focus on balanced movement on each side of the body
Players carry out dynamic movements as they move along the length of the channel. Working with a partner from the other group players should try to coordinate the movements. Each pair carries out the exercises at 5m intervals. Repeat each exercise at least twice before moving on to the next. Example of exercises to use:
a. Jog 
b. Jockey backwards (right & left)
c. Skipping forward 
d. Skipping sideways 
e. Heel flicks 
f. High knee raises
g. touch ground then jump into air 
h. cross steps
i. wide steps

Feel free to organize as you find appropriate and include some of your own exercises. 

Last part of warm up, in pairs, about 2 metres apart each with a ball.  One player is the server, the other player is the person, striking ball.  Aim to strike ball served/lobbed to partner back to partners hands.   (Optional agility component:  Player striking the ball jumps sideways over their ball before receiving next serve)....Person striking the ball, works 5 on each foot side of foot (then switch roles) then 5 on each foot working the touch back to partners hands (ball always in the air)...starting to prepare for shooting...hitting on the laces.

Game: play with 4 goals to promote scoring and shooting

Skill session: shooting
set up as in videos or against fence to work on actual striking of the ball and using proper technique the videos review technique

Shooting lay off drill
simple activity of two lines, each kid with a ball facing coach/team mate.  Pass to coach or team mate who lays off the ball to side for a shot
(first drill on page) - worry less about if they are shooting in or out of penalty area
Can adapt this drill slightly and add a defender, where the coach/player who was initially receiving for layoff, now this player is the attacker (back to net), defender behind them, attacker receives pass and needs to turn and play a shot on goal (have defender play dummy to start and play tight...then move to live defender)

four corners shooting drill
Remember to keep the players moving.

skill focus:  shooting under pressure
2v2 game

World Cup - play teams of 2 or 3 and if you lose the round your team goes in goal with the goalie

Game:  Just play the beautiful game but coach shooting skills.  You may want to bring goals close together so players can have opportunities to take lots of shots. 

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