Monday, May 27, 2013

U 4/5 Practice - May 29

U4/5 practice - May 29

Good work on stations last week. Even with teams having to do pictures you did a wonderful job keeping things moving.
Wonderful seeing all the players having fun last weekend at Super Soccer Saturday.

You will be running your own practice this Wednesday. I will be available to help out as needed.
We will have games for the last 15 minutes.  Next Wednesday June 5 will be wacky hair day, we look forward to seeing your creative hair style. Last week we worked on shooting. 
This week they will be doing activities to work on many different skills. You may not have time to do all of the activities. Choose the ones that work for you and your team.

Warm-up/Agility - coach says
start no balls, move to with balls - get them moving and work on some skills, toe taps, shooting, dribbling, tic-tocs, turns etc...
Warm up game:  Cow Dogs  (working on dribbling and defending)

Dribbling review - Fun Island
use the area you always work in

High Kicks - Goalkeeping kick   This works well with parent and child.

Obstacle course
I'll have the arches out, share them around, but use them to crawl under, dribble through or pass through...add cones to dribble around, a goal to shoot on etc... use you imagination

1 v 1 attack
two goals, have half team on each side line, when you call their names they go and challenge a ball that you roll in, each team having a goal they need to score on

Shooting Review
To review shooting, choose your favourite activity from last week. 

Have the kids just work on throw-in technique.  In pairs just throwing the ball back and forth (don't spend long, but it's important to review this)  
-Two hands on the ball, 
-all the way behind the head
-(TRY) and keep feet on the ground

Turn & Burn
Divide players into two teams – put them in different colored pinnis One team starts on one end of the grid with a ball each. Objective is for players with the ball to dribble towards the players without, who remain stationary. The coach shouts “Turn” and the players with the ball stop, turn and try to dribble back to their starting line. When the players without the ball here the coach shout “Turn” he players without the ball can release and try and steal the balls of the opposing team before they get back over the safe line. Take turns having both teams being attackers/defenders. Allow all dribblers to have success first turn and make it more challenging each time. Do not eliminate players who lose their ball. Let them have another go.
Variations: Introduce specific turns: big toe turn, little toe turn, pull back, etc.

Games:  3v3 - goalies optional
-focus on quick rotation of subs - every 3-4 minutes or you may want to have all players on field and introduce a second ball. 
-let's try throw-ins if it goes out the side, and just pass/kick ins if it goes out the end.

Have fun!

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