Monday, May 27, 2013

U-13 boys and girls: Practice #5

U 13 boys and girls

Congratulations on your participation in Super Soccer Saturday on the weekend. It was a good opportunity to work on your individual and team skills.

U-13 girls will be playing on both Tuesday and Thursday.
For teams #2 and #1 you will have a practice this week.
Please use this opportunity to work on one or more skills you want to review such as shooting or throw ins. We will have an opportunity to work on defending/attacking skills next week.

You can fit them into the training session structure below. 
Warm Up/Warm up Game
Agility activity
A few skill development activities
Small sided game

U-13 boys

Focus: defending and attacking

Defending coaching points
Defender's stance:
Defender's feet should be about a shoulder width apart, legs should be slightly bent, stay on toes so you can react to any sudden changes of direction by the attacker.
-quick close down
-delay/give space - don't commit- jockey
-watch ball not player
-make the attacker make the mistake
-force to outside/weak side if you know it
-go for ball when attacker has pushed ball away from feet
-attack with speed
-keep ball close
-attack weak side if you know it
-try and catch them flat footed
-exploit them if too close

Warm Up: your choice.

Agility ladders and hurdles.
Once player has gone through ladders or hurdles have them receive and return a pass from a coach and then return to the end of the line.

Below are a selection of different activities to work on defending and attacking. Choose the ones that suit you and your team.
I will have the gauntlet drill set up and I can have your team through it.

1v1 with shot
-one line with balls by goal post(defenders), one line 20ish yards out (attackers), defending line passes ball to attackers then it's live (really work on good close down and jockeying).  Ensure good pass to start and have them switch lines.

Win ball drill
-two lines facing net (or coming in from sides at top of 18) (or coming from either side of net) (or coming from behind each goal (make a second goal) coach plays ball in and then it's live 1 v 1

1v1 to goal

gauntlet drill
have the defenders move forward in the gauntlet if they win the ball (attacker goes in the grid as a defender if they lose the ball)

Kings court
-set up enough grids (slightly longer than wide and not super big 10x15 or so) for each pair
-make the grid on one end the kings court that you're trying to get to
-each grid plays 1 v 1 (keeping score) winners move towards kings court or stay in kings court, losers move down (hint put weaker players close or in kings court to start so they don't feel stuck in the bottom court the whole time)
-to start, one person passes to partner and then the game is live, pass must be a good pass, person who scores passes it to other person have them switch ends
Scrimmage - allies scrimmage for width if you like (create allies along each sideline where a wing player plays{if short on numbers have one wing player who plays for both teams ie. whichever team passes them the ball they go that way} can't tackle the ally players, must play to allies in order to score

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