Sunday, June 3, 2012

U8 boys & girls - week of June 5

U8 boys, you are working on your own this week.  This week we are working on passing with the weaker foot as well as moving after you pass...trying to get the idea of a give n go!  I will finish up working on goal keeping next week when I see you.

U8 girls, I will be at your practice and working with each group on goal keeping.  I will set up somewhere on the field and then cycle groups through, starting with Natalie's group and then Cassie/Riley's group.  I will be covering the basics of goal keeping with the exception of positioning.  Make sure you incorporate some shooting (see shooting drills from week of May 22 for more ideas in the blog archive on the right) into your practice this week so the girls have a chance to practice goal keeping.  I will do my best to try and work with all your groups.

Lots of fun warm-up ideas try a few.
Agility & non ball warm-up- try a game of link tag for fun-and ladders/hurdles if you want
Ball warm up- play frozen tag with balls, where if you are tagged, person has to dribble through your legs to free you.
More ball warm up.  Pairs, each pair has a triangle of cones about two feet apart.  They must dribble different sequences around the triangle of cones, using only outside of foot, only inside of foot, figure 8's, circle each cone twice etc...whatever you want to throw in, but make sure they use both feet, work intensely for 1 minute and switch.  Great drill to work on footwork with ball which all of these players need.
Obstacle course for fun using arches and cones if you like.  Could incorporate hurdles and ladders as part of it too and have a ball and non ball part.

Circle Drill to review passing with weaker foot only!!
could also do basic shuttle drills with having them pass half way with weaker foot.  As this gets them moving a bit more.
or Keep your yard/room clean

Passing and Moving Drill (working on following your pass and opening up as you receive...first drill on link only)

Basic Give and Go Drill
Start with a "dummy" defender/cone...move to live defender.  Have them shoot after wall pass.
move to this drill

Scrimmage - ally soccer again to work on passing to wings and try to get give and go happening with the ally player!  See previous U8 posts for more explanation.

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