Thursday, June 21, 2012

head coach feedback & U4/5 program feedback

Hello coaches,

I am hoping you will take a few minutes to provide a little bit of feedback to myself and RYSA on the head coach position so that we may continue to grow as an organization.  You can reply to myself or to Kim or Heidi who sit on the RYSA board (who I have cced this email to).  Please be constructive with your feedback so that it is useful for us…so please ensure you explain why.  For example, I liked the blog because it was easy to follow and the videos were helpful or I did not like the blog as it was 
difficult to follow and the videos were of no relevance to the subject matter.

I have really enjoyed working with all of you and hope you have had fun coaching youth soccer.

Kendra von Bremen
Head Coach, RYSA
Coaches Feedback
What age group did you coach?

Did you use the coaching blog and was it useful for you?

Were the practice formats okay and did you have a preference?

Did you have enough access to the head coach?  Was the head coach informative, supportive, knowledgeable and helpful?  Was time spent with the head coach useful?

Did the coaching blog and head coach increase your confidence as a coach?  Did this help your coaching and ultimately your practices?

If you attended a coaching clinic, was it useful and informative? 

Any further recommendations or feedback on the season, the head coach, the blog etc…

U4/5 program (only for U4/5 coaches)
As this was a pilot program please take a moment to answer the following:

What did you like/dislike about the session formats?

Do you think yourself and the parents had enough information on what to expect for this program?

Were the ages appropriate?  Do you think a June cut off would be better, so must turn 4 by end of June of that year? 

Any other feedback or comments on the U4/5 program?

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