Sunday, June 3, 2012

U6 practice - week of June 5

I will be at your practices on Thursday with my wacky hair-do as it's wacky hair day...remind your kids so that they can plan their hair in advance!!  I will come by each group and work with you or jump in as needed.  This week we're going to spend some time on goal keeping and throw ins.

Warm-up - Dribble grid (right foot, left foot only or other foot, storks/toe taps, tic-tocs, turns, fakes?,  knee to ball, head to ball etc....) Then have coaches or parents act as sharks trying to get the balls away from the players....if player loses ball, then play that either they become a shark or that they lose their ball to person who took it away and then become a shark or that they have 5 toe taps and then back in the game.

Throw-ins - take time to review proper throw in technique.  Have them in partners throwing back and forth to each other.
-two hands on the ball
-ball goes all the way behind the head
-two feet planted on the ground
-throw the way you are facing

Obstacle course - use the arches and create a themed obstacle course of some sort or try relays.  Use the arches for passing through, crawling through, dribbling through etc...
Try adding onto Star Wars:

Shooting drill- "corner shot" from byte sized coaching
or another shooting drill of your choice

Goal keeping- spend some time reviewing goal keeping.  Start them with partners, rolling ball back and forth to each other, working on scooping the ball up and "locking the box".  Have them try diving from their knees stopping the ball and "locking the box".  Play a round of GK circle game, or create your own game with goal keeping....perhaps have them be worms and try and get those dribbling around etc...

Scrimmage of some sort to end!

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