Sunday, June 10, 2012

U6 practice - week of June 12

Final full week of soccer and your final practice.  Wind up on June 19th...where you will be playing your last games.

Warm-up - play a quick game of tag, donkey tails or Coach says then grab some of the agility equipment from the bucket and do a quick Agility session.  Kids love the hurdles and ladders.  You can also do a lot with cones.  Please ensure you share around the agility equipment.  Ideas in the links:

Ball warm up:
Play a game of hitters and dodgers, working on dribbling and passing:
Move to (dribble grid) in that same grid have cones on each side, have everyone dribbling in the grid, when you say cone, they take their ball and dribble 2X around a cone on outside of grid....using outside only or inside only, make sure you use both feet.  Have arches or parents legs or cones set up and then with a partner do small passes when coach says passes.

Introduce Give and Go- no defenders
In your grid, start getting the idea of a give and go without defenders.  Have a parent or another coach and yourself on sides, have players dribble around and do a give and go with people on side of grid.
Move to give and go with shot on goal using coach/parent.

Shooting drills:
-diagonal soccer shooting drill:
shooting drill that also works on throw ins:  Mack 1 from bytesized soccer

Don't have kids sitting out in your scrimmages, have everyone playing!  Try for a change, in order to score you must stop the ball on the goal line, this works well with a four goal (from cones) game.

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