Sunday, June 3, 2012

U4/5 - week of June 5

Stations this week.  Horn every 7 minutes to switch stations...double horn to start and finish.  Have kids move in a counter clockwise direction.  We won't stop for games at the end but each there is a scrimmage station in each set of stations.  Next week we will have games against other teams again.  You will run a different station on Thursday, so that it changes things up, as different coaches have different variations of things, so make sure you check italics for Thursday station.  Also Thursday is wacky hair day, let your kids know on Tuesday, and yes, coaches get out your wacky lids too!

Warm up-  (Britt & Danica) (Dave)                          thursday (Keith & Helen) (Jamie & Steph)
Freeze tag (play first without balls, then add balls where you have to kiss balls in order to be free).

Obstacle course - (Keith & Helen) (Jamie & Steph)  thurs (Mel & Kris) (Jordan & Jill)
use up to 6 arches and whatever else you can think of....come up with a theme of some sort

Goal keeping - (Mel & Kris) (Jordan & Jill)       thurs (Heather & Anna) (Tami & Careen)
Review basics, starting on knees with basic scoop technique (I like to use the term 'lock the box' so they bring ball under complete control) rolling it back and forth with a partner.  Could have them dive from knees...then move to standing up and scooping (don't let it go through legs!).  Play game where you spread balls around grid and they run around grid, when you say ball or dive they jump on a ball, play like musical chairs but keep everyone playing...make sure there is one less ball so they have to hunt every time.

Soccer bowling (shooting/passing accuracy) OR downtown cruising (dribbling)(Heather & Anna) (Tami & Careen)         thurs (Kim & Chris) (Jordan)

Shooting - (Kim & Chris) (Jordan)   thurs (Blake & Alicia) (Lili & Alei)
pick your favourite shooting drill or game that we have done
(could be crocs and swamps, 4 goal shooting on mom & dad, 1v1 from sides, numbers game one goal etc...or your own variation)

Scrimmage - (Blake & Alicia) (Lili & Alei)  thurs (Britt & Danica) (Dave)
small field, use pinnies so they can see who is on their team even if this has limited meaning at this point.  Encourage throw-ins if out of play using correct technique.  Goalies if you like.

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