Sunday, June 10, 2012

U4/5 practices week of June 12

Hello coaches, our final full week of soccer is here.  We will spend the first 1/2 hour doing drills & warm up and then games to finish up the final 15 minutes with a snack and social time at the end.  Tuesday June 19th is the wind up....more on this later in the week.  This week there will be a horn at 5:00 to signal moving to games and a horn to end at 5:15.

Warm up/Agility:  Donkey Tails, Dribble grid (square dance) or your favourite tag game...try this variation of soccer tag for some fun

Star Wars:  a type of themed obstacle course add onto it with the arches etc..

Dribbling drill: Nuts and Squirrels, Indy 500, Pirate Pete

Passing drill- from bytesized coaching try skittle alley

Shooting drill- "corner shot" from byte sized coaching
or another shooting drill of your choice

Games this week:
Tuesday                    Thursday:
1v9      4v8                  1v6      4v9
2v12    5v11                2v7      5v10
3v7      6v10                3v11    8v12

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