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U4/5 practice plan May 1 & 3

2 sets of 6 stations will be set up.  Each Coach will run one station for the entire time.  Teams 1-6 will be one set of stations and teams 7-12 will be the second set of stations.  Please arrive with enough time to set up your station.  At start of session I will give you 5-7 minutes to introduce yourself, give a brief overview of what we are doing, tell kids what to do upon arrival each day (pass with parents, shooting etc...) and where to put their stuff etc...  Remember kids of this age need routine!  I will switch the stations every 7 minutes.  Use parents to help move kids to next station and participate where necessary.  If you are coaching your child and they don't feel they can move through stations with another parent or the other coach on your team, just keep them with you until they are comfortable to move on.  Also it is okay if kids pick up the ball, don't worry about this too much, they can roll the ball instead of passing with feet encourage to use feet where more appropriate, but this is not a big deal at this point.  Also remember to walk or jog the boundary of your area/drill with kids.  Have players partner up with their caregiver for any partner activities.  At end of session we will have snack and social and you can remind parents and players of the expectations.  Thinking of having "Pirate Day" on Thursday May 10th, where we will all dress like pirates. This Thursday we will do coaches crazy soccer outfits start finding some crazy duds to put on for Thursday!!  Wanted to give you time to whip up some outfits for the next two weeks!
Stations will be the same on Tuesday and Thursday (I will switch the coaches up though see below)

Agility Station:  Donkey Tails  (Danica & Brit)  (Dave M)
15x15 grid
Half the players/parents are given a pinni/flagging tape to tuck into the back of their shorts as a tail. Coach shouts “Go!” players/parents without a tail attempt to grab a tail from the players with one. Once players/parents get a tail they must now avoid having it taken by those who don't have tails.

Indy 500   (Helen & Keith)  (Lil & Alei)
(can be found in Active Start plan 2)
Creat an oval race track that kids&parents can run/drive around, with your cones and a square "pit" on one side with all the balls. "Start your engines"
Players start from “Pit row” with parents. Player starts by exiting the pits and dribbling the ball in a clockwise direction around the track following their parent. If the ball exits the track they must make 3 toe taps on the ball to restart the engine. Parent and player can switch roles with child following parents. Encourage players to make “Vroom! Vroom!” car sounds while driving!
**Easier – run the track first with no balls.**good idea so they understand the boundary and then make the next lap with balls. Easier – players carry ball in hands and run around track Harder – Have players drive the truck on their own. Harder – Switch directions and have drivers go counter-clockwise. Harder – Change direction before completing circuit on coaches’ command

Nuts and Squirrels  (Kim & Chris)  (Melonie & Kristine)
(can be found in Active Start plans session 1)
15 x 15 grid - 4 small goals or "hoarding areas/trees" on sides or corners of grid.....all balls (nuts) in middle of grid.  Kids (squirrels) in pairs or 3's depending on numbers in each goal/hoarding area.  Coach shouts "go" players take turns running into the middle and dribbling back a ball back hoarding area (trying to get as many nuts as they can), when there are no balls left in the middle coach yells "steal" or something else appropriate and then they may try and steal nuts from anywhere (other hoarding areas).  No defending the nuts!  

Red light, Green light   (Jordan E & Jill)   (Heather & Anna)

Players move around the grid dribbling the ball – when coach shouts red light players stop. Green light players go. Go speeding – players go faster. Crash - players dive on their ball.  Be creative, yellow light slow down etc...

Make friends with the ball   (Tami)  (Jordan C)
(can be found in Active Start plan 1)

Players partner with their parents and find space in the area. Game starts with parents rolling the ball back and forth with their player. Parent and children take turns tossing and catching the ball back and forth to one another. Parents then hold the ball out (quite low to start) and drop it letting the child control it with the bottom of the foot. Have the child shout “Ole!” when successful in controlling the ball. Parents can play a pass 5-6 yards away and have child run and get the ball and bring it back. Parents stand with legs shoulder width apart and child kicks the ball between their legs – child then goes through and dives on the ball on the other side. Repeat with child retrieving the ball with feet. Switch role to have child play a pass and parent retrieving the ball. Coaches be creative, just want players to get used to playing with a ball in different ways

Scrimmage  (Blake & Alicia)  (Jamie & Stephanie)
Create a small field with a goal on each end.  Play 3v3.  Ensure to go over the boundaries and the purpose of the game and the goals etc.  Put a parent in goal (tell them to be dramatic).  Don't worry about throw ins...if the ball goes out just kick a new one into space on the field.  If kids pick up the ball just encourage them to kick it instead.

Scrimmage (Tami)  (Jordan C)
Make friends with the Ball  (Jordan E & Jill)  (Heather & Anna)
Red Light, Green Light  (Kim & Chris)  (Mel & Kristine)
Nuts and Squirrels  (Helen & Keith)  (Lili & Alei)
Indy 500 (Danica & Britt)  (Dave M)
Donkey Tails (Blake & Alicia) (Jamie & Stephanie)

New stations next week!

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